Thursday, 6 May 2010

todays visit to the vet

Kizzie was as good as gold today. She sat on the table and allowed Mathew to remove the stitch from her gum. (I think he secretly hypnotizes her). The teeth are growing much better now and should end up in the correct position. Hurray.

As Kizzie approaches 6 months we discussed speying and it was agreed it would be best to wait until after Kizzie has had one season. Scarey eh? I will be trawling the net for advice on how to excercise a dog in season - we really do not want puppies. We also discussed the humping. Mathew thought it was very funny and suggested we teach her what is acceptable in public.

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  1. Exercising dogs in season isn't that different to exercising them normally. My experience tells me that bitches are far more selective than you might otherwise think and there isn't the mad dash towards procreation that you might be led to believe. It was a brave dog indeed who tried to even get near to Ellie when she was in season!

    I have a male dog each side of the fence and Ellie had several seasons before being spayed. Not once did a dog try to jump the fence to get to her. :)

    Just walk on leash and if you feel it needs it, walk at the times of day when fewer people walk their dogs. (Mid mornings and mid afternoons).

    The only difference is that Whizz Bang might be a little more reserved and sedate than usual when in season. I can hear you celebrating that notion from here! Don't worry, it won't last! :)