Friday, 29 April 2011

Ups and Downs

Oh dear, me and Kizzie Whizz have been demoted from the 'extremely good beginners' Agility class to the normal ability beginners.  Kizzie got a bit over excited and re-wrote the course once too often.  It was too embarrassing and I thought we were spoiling the class for everyone else.
Move on two days, Miss Adorable went to her first competitive Obedience class and didn't put a foot wrong.  Some you win - some you lose.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I had leftover chicken in my pocket from little Murphy's puppy class.  Kizzie only had a few tiny pieces and it doesn't seem to have upset her tummy so this may be a back up plan for Agility.

Murphy has been promoted to the next class.  This is the one that Kizzie and I moved on from this week.  He is so amiable and good natured, I don't think he can be bothered to be naughty.  Hahahahahahaha

Sunday, 24 April 2011

My little stars

and finally.  Gg was here this weekend.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Murphy did it

Murphy walked down stairs today.  Hurray, no more having to carry 20kg of dog down the stairs at 5am.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

stinky pongy blooming dog

A couple of weeks ago it was 'red nose day' and I bought a couple of the soft giggle balls for the hairy poppets to play with.  One had been crunched and killed but the other was left on a shelf, I put it on the stairs this morning thinking to put it away for a 'rainy day'.

When Kizzie came back from her run there was a suspiciously obnoxious pong hanging around wherever she went.  Delightful dog had rolled in something dead again.  I bet it was that blooming pigeon!!

I took Kizzie upstairs to have a bath. On the way up she grabbed the ball and ran around jumping on the beds and generally avoiding me and the bathroom.  I attempted to catch her, she dodged, I shouted, she dodged, I tried to grab, she dodged, all the time accompanied by the laughter of the stupid red nose ball.  Hahahahahaha!!

Two shampoos, two rinses.  All done kindly with nice lukewarm water and without any water up nose, or soap in eyes.

This evening Kizzie had a run around the garden, playing in the water from the sprinkler.  This seems to have re-ignited the pong from whatever she rolled in.  My nose hurts.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

cod treats

I got some of the cat dried treats.  Kizzie ate a whole box!  I think she liked them.
I think I am going to order some tapioca flour and try to make some sort of cod cake, I will pass on the recipe if Kizzie approves

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tired boy

Murphy has been out for a walk, he is so tired.

He couldn't even manage the energy to get into his bed.

He falls asleep so quickly.

Always with his head on his paw.

He was interested in what I was doing, but he doesn't mind having his photo taken.

Murphy's no-gulp dinner bowl is slowing him down a bit but he still doesn't chew his food.   He does look cute with a blob of dinner on the end of his nose though.  Yesterday I cut up some apple and instead of cubing it, I left it in a slice and being very very brave held it between my fingers, Murphy chomped, chewed and looked so surprised at the taste.  He doesn't bite, but his puppy teeth are sharp and it pays to keep fingers away from his mouth when there is food around.

fed up now

I tried to buy some more of the cod biscuits that Kizzie enjoyed last night at the agility class and they have been discontinued.  Drat, double drat and other words.
Do you think Kizzie will realise if I buy c--a--t ones instead.

My legs ache this morning.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Agile - not me

First Agility class tonight.  Outside in the field for the first class since September.  We know several of the other dogs and humans so it wasn't so scary.  Hahahahaha

Kizzie loves the training classes and as soon as we aproached the field she started whining to get out of the car.  I was dragged into the field, my arm almost out of the socket.  It was sooo exciting.  Smells to sniff, dogs to investigate and sheep in the field next door.  But mostly the smells.  There was a sharp cross wind so I was trussed up like I don't know what, I had my plantpot hat on, fleece and rainproof jacket and gloves.  I could hardly move but at least my ears were warm.

We started with the hurdles.  No problem, Kizzie jumped over the hurdles.  Not necessarily in the right order, but lets not split hairs.  One jump fine, then a couple of minutes sniffing the grass, wander over there because that smells like the most fantastic blade of grass ever grown.  Mosie back and jump over the next hurdle - Oh would you smell that, and that and what's that over there.....Last hurdle and now lets go for a little trot around the field.   I am proud of the fact she came back when I called her.  We had an audience of three, (they bring chairs) periodically they gave a round of applause, not for the best achiever, rather for the most entertaining!

The tunnel we have been introduced to before, no problem - Kizzie likes the tunnel.  There were only 6 of us so we lined up and kept going through at quite a pace.  Then Kizzie held everyone up while she stopped for a poo.  I would have waved everyone on, but Kizzie squatted right in front of the entrance to the tunnel.  Another round of applause for us.

I looked at the weaving poles and wondered how on earth I was going to convince Kiz to go through those.  You wouldn't believe it,  I waved a fish biscuit in front of her nose and she followed it like a star.  Kizzie CAN DO weaves :):):)

We did a spot of touching the tile, Kizzie was the best at that, all she had to do was walk up to it and eat the biscuit.

We had fun, we entertained the trio, (we got several rounds of applause) we will go back next week.  Kizzie didn't want to come home, there were at least 10 blades of grass she hadn't sniffed, especially over by the hut, she followed her nose then looked up.  She ran for the gate,  dragging me behind her.  We left as we entered.  Adrian promised to introduce Kizzie to Zeb the horse so she won't be so scared in future :)

In mitigation, my beautiful girl is willing, I am incompetent and the only treats we had were her boring old kibble and 1/2 dozen fish biscuits the size of a penny.  And at least I didn't lose the bag of poo on the way out.....