Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Too canny for me

  Today Kizzie was walking along so nicely.  She picked something up and I told her to drop it.  It was a piece of woody material - someone had been trimming their hedge.  I gave her a treat for being a good girl.  *Three paces on, she picked up another bit, looked at me, spat it out and nudged my hand.  I gave her a treat.*  Repeat from * to *.   I ran out of treats before the road ran out of twigs ;)

Sunday, 5 January 2014


 It was a lovely sunny day and me and Kizzie Whizz were out for a lovely long walk.  We came to a secluded path and I took the lead off so that Kiz could have a rummage and a sniff.  There is a lengthy ditch where Kizzie once found a packet of rich tea biscuits so she always has a lovely rummage in there.  I walked on.

After a short while I realised that she wasn't following me.  I called.  No sign.  I walked back and looked up and down the ditch.  No sign. I called.  I heard a rustling noise and she came running out of the bushes.

At first I thought she had a dead pigeon.  I hate taking those off her as they often disintegrate but as she came nearer my heart almost stopped.  There were fluffy brown ears sticking out of her mouth, no! not a baby rabbit.

I didn't dare try to take it off her, we were too close to the road and I knew she would run rather than hand over her treasure.  So I calmly turned and walked down the path.  She followed.  Then overtook me.  She was prancing along with her tail in the air as happy as can be.  The ears were jiggling up and down as she walked.  As I caught up I could see more and it became clear that they were not real rabbit ears.Phew, you can't know how happy O was/

Kizzie walked straight home, no sniffing or trying to get into other people's back gardens, she carried her treasure all the way.  It was only when we got home that I got her to show me what she had. 

The head has a ball inside, and has clearly been loved off it's body.  Some poor dog has lost his much loved and much chewed best friend.  I will take it back tomorrow and try to leave it where Kizzie stole it from.