Friday, 26 February 2010

Does Kizzie sleep a lot?

No, Kizzie does not sleep a lot. But after a nice walk and some lunch, a snooze might seem like a good idea. The stool is in front of the window with a radiator so a good place to sit to watch the world go by, or have a sleep :)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Kizzie meets Ellie

Today Kizzie had an outing to meet Ellie and her human, Maz -
Kizzie will be staying with Ellie when B and myself go south to spend a weekend and watch Em get married. It was important that Kizz behaved herself and she was a little star. She ran around like the cutest puppy, and impressed Maz enough for him to agree to look after her. Sadly for me, Kizzie threw up on the way home.

Saturday morning is the Ist day of the puppy training class. Kizzie doesn't come until next week. I guess Lorraine needs to teach the humans first :)

woe and broken toe

We took Kizzie to see the vet on Friday and her toe is still very sore. So no exercise until Monday at the earliest. I am not sure who is suffering more, Kizzie because she is bored, or me and B because Kizzie is bored. She did come downstairs all by herself - admittedly there was a treat on every step, and I was there to catch her if she fell, but she did it. Then she ran upstairs again. Luckily Kizz still thinks that the id kibble are tasty treats so she can have as many as she wants.
Today we went for a ride in the car to visit Ben. Kizzie was sick three times on the way and I now have a wonderful carrier bag with towels and my sweater festering in the car boot.
Ben is the crazy greyhound who lives with C, H and E, regular readers will have read of one or two of his escapades.
I was a little worried about how he would react to Kizzie, but he was a charming gentleman, welcomed her into his home, wagging his tail. Kizzie hid behind us for a couple of minutes and then enjoyed running around and playing. I took two hide shoes for them to share and they thoroughly enjoyed them, occasionally swapping, you can see in the picture how relaxed they are, although Ben does seem to be guarding his :) When we left, Ben cried. Kizzie slept all the way home and wasn't sick once. I think we will be going again soon.

I did manage to visit my sewing room yesterday and achieved something. I took up two pairs of trousers, not exactly artistic but more than I have done for weeks. One or two days of sunshine and I am craving action of the studio type.


Isn't Miss Kizzie Whizz lovely? She is sleepy today, possibly a result of the meds from the Vet.

Breaking news

Kizzie has broken her toe. Does anyone know how to tell a puppy that she has to rest? The anti-inflamatory tablets did make her drowsy for a while, but that has worn off and Kizzie can run on three legs quite well.

Mizz Kizzie growing up

The pic of Kizzie with her (late) football was taken at the end of the day, see the fat belly? Every night she goes to bed looking plump but in the mornings she is back to skinny but an inch taller.

Kizzie seems to think the most amazing place (and where she most needs to be), is upstairs. If we forget to lock the gate, she can open it and thunders up the steps. Sadly she hasn't worked out how to come down yet and so wails for someone to go and get her. Then we play the game of 'can't catch me'.

Brian saw Kizzie Whizz sitting like this the other day and gulped. She was laying where Katydog had, a thousand times. Just over Kizzie's shoulder on the right is a photo of Katy. I smile each time I see the picture, and I confess I still occasionally talk to her.

Kizzie asleep in her favorite spot.

Today we introduced Kizzie to her new red harness. We couldn't agree on which way up it went, Kizzie thought it was a horse harness and grabbed it like a 'bit', she managed to squeeze both legs into one slot and then half ran and half hopped off. Even so she managed to out run both of us, partly I imagine because we were laughing so much at our ineptness and the ease which Kizzie out manouvered us. When we finally caught up with her and got it off, she trounced off and threw herself into her bed. If she could have slammed the door, she would have.

Slave labour

Only 10 weeks old and they have me doing the washing up already!

And the dusting.

Sometimes Kizzie gets herself into a bit of a pickle and needs help. She meows like a kitten and I go running. Kizzie managed to get upstairs very well by herself but couldn't get back down. After the third time I had to go and carry her back down I gave in and organised the gate.
p.s. I did run the dishwasher on a very hot wash once we fished Kizzie whizz out. Maybe next time someone will remember not to leave it open....

Kizzie Whizz

I haven't done much the last few days except play with Kizzie, pick up poo and tried to get pics of her. Not easy as awake she is like grease lightening and refuses to pose for me. This is a pretty good image showing her real colouring, she has very light green/gazel eyes.

She likes the snow as long as her two back paws stay indoors, it tastes good :)

Life is exciting, yesterday Kizzie was allowed in the living room and she loved exploring, the coffee table was her favorite place.

Introducing Kizzie

Kizzie came home with us today. She came in, ate two bowls of kibbles, had a wee on the floor, explored, played for a while and then fell asleep on with her head on E's lap. We are in love.

Kizzie is 7 weeks old, a second generation labradoodle.