Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Merry Christmas, may all your wishes come true. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dogs in need

Once upon a time, Kizzie would have charged around the house to stop me putting those ears on her head, there may have been pain.  Today, she just sat and sighed.    My girl is grown up.

I sorted out a pile of washing, whites in this pile, coloureds in that basket, brought the whites down to wash and lost Murphy.  He was sitting with his head buried in the basket of mucky socks!  He did eventually emerge but had a look of sublime bliss on his face.  I do believe he is a proper boy...

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Would you look at the state of my lawn!  It's a good job I love the hooligans.

They are not usually this far apart, but they have treasure and are carefully guarding it from each other.  I buy goats yoghurt, add a piece of banana and sometimes honey.  I freeze approx. 2 tablespoons in little pots and they have one each on a warm afternoon.  They love it and I get ten minutes of peace and calm :)

There are rather a lot of balls in my garden.  Most are popped.  I keep a bucket full of tennis balls to throw for Murphy to catch.  It is easier to gather them all up, sit and throw.  He usually has three buckets and then has a rest.  Kizzie couldn't care less about balls unless it is to take his to tease him with it..

Friday, 26 July 2013


every day we have a battle to get to the post before Kizzie does,either she takes great exception to things coming through the letter box, or she thinks it must be for her.  Whatever the reason, she barks like a mad thing, grabs the mail as it comes through and then runs to the window with it, waving it at the postman.
The usual solution to this was to shut the hooligans in the study whilst the postman delivered.  Sadly these days there isn't a time frame and the post comes at all times of the day.
We decided to teach Kizzie not to grab the post.  Much yelling of 'leave it' didn't make much difference so we moved to the punishment method.  When she grabs the post she has to lay in her space under the stairs until we say she can come out.

Today I watched her grab the post, wave it at the postman, drop it on the stool and run and lay under the stairs.  I guess she has decided the punishment is worth the crime.  Sigh!

Monday, 22 July 2013

July 2013

Friday, 12 July 2013

wet dog

one very wet dog just meandered through the house.  B said "how has she got so wet" as he ran past in the opposite direction.  Followed by "bl**dy dog!".  At the same time, a second quite wet dog sauntered in.
Someone (she shall remain nameless) had managed to turn the hosepipe on.  Goodness knows how much water we wasted but two hairy beings had a lovely time. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What shall we do with the barking doggies
What shall we do with the barking doggies
What shall we do with the barking doggies
Early in the morning

Every morning they nugde and lick and gennerally mug B until he gets up and lets them out.  Murphy runs around convinced he has only just survived another night and BARKS.  I am convinced he is saying "Good Morning, it's morning, it's breakfast time"  Kizzie likes to keep her eye on her boy and so runs out and joins in.  B is in the kitchen weighing the daily food allowance.  At this point, I generally hang out of the bedroom window and yell (words along the lines of "GET INSIDE" - not really sure as I am asleep at this point)

I dive back under the duvet and close my eyes.  I can hear clinking of discs against bowls and the kettle boiling.  Then B lets them back outside for their after breakfast ablutions.

"Morning, I have had my breakfast, goodness isn't it a nice day, I am alive, is that a dog over there ..........."

This time I yell "can I have a cup of tea please".  Hearing my voice the hooligans come running upstairs and jump on me.  I get my morning mugging, cuddle and darn good licking.

Isn't life grand

Monday, 1 April 2013

steal? Who me

I treated myself to a box of Thorntons Vanilla Fudge for Easter.  380 grams of buttery goodness.  B just found the empty box on the bed.  Murphy has a smug look on his face and keeps licking his lips. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

I made a bit of a mess today

Murphy looks so much smaller, maybe he won't need to diet after all.  I left his ears for another day.

Friday, 1 March 2013

is it spring yet?

Kizzie loves this bed, it has her puppy cardigans to snuggle up to. 

whilst Murphy prefers what we call the 'number one' bed. 

There are other beds, bigger beds to stretch out in, and the stools are there for laying on and watching the world outside.  But at this time of year they do seem to like to curl up tight and sleep the afternoon away.

We are all enjoying the blue sky and are waiting for warm air and long days.  And no mud.  I am longing for days without mud...

Thursday, 17 January 2013


it snowed.  Kizzie had a run on the green on her way past this morning.  She loves snow and runs around kicking her heels and skidding head first.  A more sedate walk followed.  This afternoon I took the hooligans collars off and they had a lovely play in the garden.  Charging around, boxing each other and running into the bushes.  They are now curled up asleep, Kizzie has her head on the radiator.

thunder and stuff

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder.  hmm, actually it was the sound of the hooligans thundering up the stairs.  I just had time to clamp my mouth shut before Murphy jumped on me and began the morning wash.  Once my face was cleaned to his satisfaction, he lay curled up next to me with his head on my ankles.
In the meantime, Kizzie had setlled next to my head, her paws wrapped around my neck and her face nuzzled into my shoulder.  She carefully washed those places Murphy had missed and then snuggled, making am ummmmming sound.
Although a cup of tea had magically appeared on my bed side table I didn't care to move so we all snuggled together for 5 minutes until I gave in and sat up.  The cup of tea was lovely.

Isn't life just perfect sometimes :)

I did get up eventually and have spent the last hour emptying the utility room because there was a peculiar pooy pong in there.  All surfaces were cleared and scrubbed.  Shoes cleaned.  Washing machine and tumbler pulled out and cleaned behind.  Sigh.  There is still a pong.  I am washing all the coats (theirs and ours) right now and will wash the rug later. 

Hooligans have had a walk and are laying within touching distance of me, fast asleep.

Life is still pretty perfect

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Baths so far in 2013

Kizzie = 2
Murphy = 1

good dog bad dog

I don't know if this is a win or a draw.  Kizzie rolled but... her coat and harness got covered in stinky but they are easier to wash than Kizzie herself.  So only two baths for the girly so far this year.
Murphy doesn't roll in stinky.  He does however run through muddy puddles and jumps in the river and and and... but I can avoid those so he has only had one bath so far this year. 

I have got to tell you that getting the big boy into the bath is a feat which deserves a medal as he plants himself and even when I get him near the tub, his paws push against the edge of the bath as I try to hoik him in.  Once in, he jumps back out again.  I have taken to leaving his collar on and hooking his lead over the little shelf over the bath.  Once he is hooked into place he just stands placidly even though the slightest tug would pull the shelf off the wall. 

I simply tell Kizzie to get in and she jumps in!  Plenty of practice clearly........ :)

Blogger won't let me upload my photo so you have to imagine my two sweeties laying together on their stools in front of the window.  The stools have seperated a little so Kizzie's bum is dangling between the two, held in place by the blanket.  Murphy's head is on the radiator and they are fast asleep.  And clean.

I worked how to upload photos, first I had to upload the pic to an image storage site, then I could use the url from that to upload to blogger.  It was a palava and I hope blogger puts the option of loading directly from the hard drive back.  just saying....

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

We got all the way to the 3rd before Miss KW needed a bath.  The hooligans have behaved like angels recently but today the brown bombshell rolled in something green, slimy and stinky - poo of some kind or another.  Bathed and smelling fresh now.