Thursday, 11 February 2016

February sunshine

The weather has been changeable to say the least.  One day rain, warm and windy, next day sunshine and eye watering cold.  Walks have been short some days so I bought a tray of lambs liver and cooked it, chopped it into cubes to use as treats to keep the dogs amused.  Lots of sitting, down and waits. 
I got out the tray of mixed fish (cod, salmon and smoked haddock!) to cook a pie for tea, but it was sell by yesterdays date. Sigh.  I put it in the microwave with a little water and told Kizzie she could have fish for her tea.  Whilst I waited for it to cook, we played a few games.  I left the fish in the microwave to cool and went back to whatever I was doing.  I overheard Brian talking to Murphy, who I understand was sat watching the bowl of liver.  B moved it out of reach and all was fine.

Some time later, I could hear Kizzie trying to tell Brian something.  She was running around and quite vocal.  Eventually I came to see what the matter was.  She took me to the microwave, sat and looked at it, then at me, then at it, then at me - all the time saying something in dog.  The fish was still inside. 

So, what did they have for their tea?  "I gave them that liver"  sigh.  They had fish for pudding and smacked their lips and asked for more. 

***postnote - I was awoken this morning by a very fishy lick.  Just what you need.