Sunday, 4 August 2013


Would you look at the state of my lawn!  It's a good job I love the hooligans.

They are not usually this far apart, but they have treasure and are carefully guarding it from each other.  I buy goats yoghurt, add a piece of banana and sometimes honey.  I freeze approx. 2 tablespoons in little pots and they have one each on a warm afternoon.  They love it and I get ten minutes of peace and calm :)

There are rather a lot of balls in my garden.  Most are popped.  I keep a bucket full of tennis balls to throw for Murphy to catch.  It is easier to gather them all up, sit and throw.  He usually has three buckets and then has a rest.  Kizzie couldn't care less about balls unless it is to take his to tease him with it..