Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ring ring

'ring ring'   'ring ring'  
"where's the phone?"
"I don't know, you had it last"
"did I?"
"where were you, when you used it?"
"sitting at the desk"

Pick up mobile phone and phone 'home'

'ring ring' 'ring ring'
follow ringing noise into garden.  Find phone hidden under a bush.  No damage, no chewing, just hidden ready for a 'swap'.

Now we have to make sure we don't leave a chair anywhere near the desk as youknowwho climbs on chairs to reach stuff. 

** my phone doesn't go 'ring ring', it makes quite a naff twinkling noise....

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Kizzie loves Agility

Last week Kizzie had a little go on the Agility course and she loved it.  This week we took it one step further....

You will need some imagination to picture the scene (I was busy so couldn't take pics).

I was standing inside a sheep pen - the sort used in sheepdog trials. Kizzie was on the outside without her lead on.  I had to run around the perimiter of the pen to encourage Kizzie to run around too.  Easy Peasy!

Hetty added a jump and the tunnel.  I had to get Kizzie to run around the pen, jump over the jump, run through the tunnel.  Easy Peasy!

So Hetty added a cone to one of the posts of the pen.

Now Kizzie had to run around the pen, jump over the jump, run through the tunnel , continue around to the cone then change direction and run the opposite way, through the tunnel, over the jump run round to the cone and lay down.

First time, absolutely perfect.  Hetty mentioned the patheticness of my 'down' at the end, I was so out of breath that I could hardly gasp the word out.  But my superstar did it anyway.

Kizzie only ran off once the whole hour, she went to see the new puppy at the puppy class at the other end of the field.  But she did come back when I called her so she (aka I) got a well done. 

These are just fun training days as Kizzie can't join the Agility class until she is fully grown, probebly next April. This is good as it will give me a little time to get fit ;)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Kizzie's new water bowl

I wouldn't like to say who ended up the wettest, but we both had fun               

Monday, 14 June 2010

New bowl

Kizzie doesn't eat, she hoovers up food. The new bowl doesn't slow her down much but her wind problem seems to be a lot better since I bought this.  It is called a slow feed bowl and I got mine from here  I highly recommend both the bowl and the company I got it from.


My dad used to say "if you can't say anything good, don't say anything" 

Hence the silence!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Time for bed

I said "come on, Kizzie, bed time"

Kizzie said "if they can't find me they can't make me go to bed"

 I said "I know where you are", and Kizzie said "really"

I said "will you get into bed please" 

Kizzie said "I think I will sleep here tonight, my butt is nice and cool


 Kizzie slept very well and woke up an hour later than usual, she was busting for a wee, I came down just in time to see her run into her crate and squat. 
I said "Oh, thank you, I wondered what I could wash today.  The End

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Who? Me?

Friday, 4 June 2010

what do you think is the spitting image of my long lost Katydog.  I took one look and needed that little dog.  Then I read the description and took a deep breath.  Brian agreed that Kizzie might need a companion and had a chat with our vet's nurse about what the leishmania might mean.  It is bad news for Laila.  Luckily Sam has worked in the Mediteranean and knew the illness well.  It is incurable, often fatal, expensive to treat and the most important thing, it is transferable from dog to dog via the spores.  So whilst I cried for that little dog, I would never do anything to put Kizzie at risk.  I wonder if we should be importing dogs with this illness into a country which doesn't have it? 
What do you think?

Sam did think that getting a companion for Kizzie would be a great idea and we will no doubt seriously consider looking for a rescue dog.  Just not today.

Hopalong does good

I don't have a photo of Kizzie with her foot bandaged.  Brian was cutting her nails, I was shovelling treats in her mouth to take her mind off it.  I didn't shovel fast enough, Kizzie wriggled and Brian missed.  Loads of blood!!!  It wouldn't stop so we had a trip to see Sam, the nurse at our vets.  Kizzie was as good as gold and allowed Sam to inspect, cauterize and strap her foot.  And.... miss K kept the bandage on without trying to chew it.  What a good girl. 
The sad news was that we missed our first week of fun training.  We did good on Wednesday though and Hetty complimented us on a well behaved labradoodle.  I understand they are not always as focussed as my little darling.  Not that I claim the praise for Kizzie being such a greedy hog that she will do anything for food :)
The really bad news is that Kiz can't go walking until Monday.  We are keeping her busy with playing, training and doing puzzles, all for food of course.