Friday, 4 June 2010

Hopalong does good

I don't have a photo of Kizzie with her foot bandaged.  Brian was cutting her nails, I was shovelling treats in her mouth to take her mind off it.  I didn't shovel fast enough, Kizzie wriggled and Brian missed.  Loads of blood!!!  It wouldn't stop so we had a trip to see Sam, the nurse at our vets.  Kizzie was as good as gold and allowed Sam to inspect, cauterize and strap her foot.  And.... miss K kept the bandage on without trying to chew it.  What a good girl. 
The sad news was that we missed our first week of fun training.  We did good on Wednesday though and Hetty complimented us on a well behaved labradoodle.  I understand they are not always as focussed as my little darling.  Not that I claim the praise for Kizzie being such a greedy hog that she will do anything for food :)
The really bad news is that Kiz can't go walking until Monday.  We are keeping her busy with playing, training and doing puzzles, all for food of course. 

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  1. I'm so far behind on these posts with being so busy. Dog boarding always takes off in the June/July/August months.

    I'm really really pleased that you seem to be enjoying the experience with Hetty. Bad news about the paw though. All part and parcel of owning a live-wire Kizzie Whizz Bang I fear. :)

    Will pop back for a proper read later on! Hope you're all well and enjoying the sun.