Friday, 4 June 2010

what do you think is the spitting image of my long lost Katydog.  I took one look and needed that little dog.  Then I read the description and took a deep breath.  Brian agreed that Kizzie might need a companion and had a chat with our vet's nurse about what the leishmania might mean.  It is bad news for Laila.  Luckily Sam has worked in the Mediteranean and knew the illness well.  It is incurable, often fatal, expensive to treat and the most important thing, it is transferable from dog to dog via the spores.  So whilst I cried for that little dog, I would never do anything to put Kizzie at risk.  I wonder if we should be importing dogs with this illness into a country which doesn't have it? 
What do you think?

Sam did think that getting a companion for Kizzie would be a great idea and we will no doubt seriously consider looking for a rescue dog.  Just not today.

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  1. Oh what a sweetie that little tyke is, and so like Katydog. exciting (and a tad scary, don't you think?) to consider getting another dog, although, just as with kids, two are easier most days than one!