Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kizzie went for a walk

Kizzie had her first little walk today. The humiliation of wearing a pink and white sock with a silver boot was almost too much for her. We didn't get very far as the boot kept falling off. We saw our vet on Monday, he said two more weeks of very little walking (and only on soft ground) should fix her. So much trouble from such a small cut!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Three blessings


I was laying on my back in bed, with one buttock hanging over the side, Kizzie's bottom next to my head, Murphy was laying on my feet.  (That was handy as he was anchoring me in place, I may have fallen out otherwise.)
Counting my blessings, I was so happy I didn't want to go to sleep.  
Then B turned over and started snoring. 
I gave up counting, picked up my pillow and sloped off to sleep in E's bed.  Very comfy it was too :)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

gd/bd part two

Kizzie's cut opened up again, more blood and another trip to the vet.  Now she has loads of padding and a swanky orange bandage.  We have to put a plastic bag over it each time she goes out :):)  Hmm, Kiz is not amused and no-one dares laugh.  Kizzie is very subdued so I guess her paw must hurt, she is going out, doing the necessary and coming straight back in.  That is not normal behaviour!
Murphy is being adorable and not bouncing all over her.  His sympathy only goes so far though and he has just stolen her chew.......

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

good day/bad day

It has been quiet recently. Today we had a lovely long walk along by the river, catching the last of the summer sun.  Kizzie and Murphy charged about, splashing in the river, got covered in mud, then washed it off again. 
When we got home Murphy was behaving strange, running around, laying down, back up again and bouncing on and off the soda.  I saw a trail of blood across the floor and my heart sank.  Got some tissue and patted the bottom of each paw, nothing. 
I went over to Kizzie and the first paw I checked, blood.  She has a nasty cut.  Rang the vet for an appointment and gave her a cuddle whilst we waited.  She was as good as gold as she was checked, her cut was cleaned and glue applied.  She barely noticed the antibiotics injection.  She waited patiently in reception whilst I paid the bill.  Poor Kizzie isn't herself and has been asleep ever since we got home.
Murphy is fine, he seems to understand that Kizzie can't play, he has been quiet and he took himself off for a sleep in her crate this evening. 
The hard bit is to follow, Kizzie can't have a walk until the weekend, and then only on soft ground for a few days.  EEk