Friday, 30 September 2011

it's warm today

Kizzie laying in the doorway keeping her eye on ...

Murphy appears to have two chews.  He found himself a little spot of shade in the garden in order to contemplate which chew he wanted.  Kizzie was too hot to be bothered to take hers back. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

carpets - diy - noooooo

I clearly didn't get all the dead mouse stain out of the stairs carpet so arranged for a professional to come. Got him to clean the other carpets downstairs whilst he was here.  Whilst the study was empty I decided to repaint the walls so crammed the necessary stuff (stools and beds) into the living room whilst the rest was humped upstairs.  Walls are now nice and clean, unfortunately Murphy trod in some poop and walked it through the house going via the study.  Sigh!

See the colour of the carpet?  Which idiot chose carpet that colour?  Er, that would be me.

So here are my little lovlies, Kizzie cuddling her blankie and Murphy is never more than a few inches away from a ball.   

Saturday, 17 September 2011

We didn't get wet

On Saturday afternoons it has become a bit of a tradition for me and Kizzie to go for a longer walk.  I thought we were going to get wet, but three spits and a spot and the dark cloud passed over, but it left behind a glorious rainbow.  It was a perfect arch, unfortunately I only had my phone with me so you can only see half.

Murphy is only allowed out on his lead on account of the mouse incident, so this afternoon he had a play with his ball.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

do you wanna know something really gross

I woke up to 'that' sound.  Jumped up to put the light on, expecting to see Murphy throwing up.  Nope.  Kizzie was sitting on my bed looking very sorry for herself.  Big pile of nasty in front of her.  At least the quilt can go in the washing machine...

Walks on lead today.  They are not allowed anywhere near the meadow.  Kizzie has gone off with Brian, I will take Murphy when they come back.  Murphy is sitting in front of the window, head back, howling his head off.

Added later in the day --- Just come back from taking Kizzie to the vets, she has been sick several times today, and I noticed berries in one pile.  She has had an anti-sickness jab and can't have anything to eat until tomorrow, then little and often.  Hawthorn berries aren't poisonous in small quantities so our vet isn't sure that is why she was so sick. 

You know what was really gross?  When Kizzie threw up, Murphy ran and started to gobble it up. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Yuk Yuk and again YUK

I had an autumn burst of energy this morning and got stuck in to the cleaning early.  Downstairs done I was settling into cleaning the bedroom when I heard a noise.  Course, I had to go and see what it was.  There was Murphy standing at the top of the stairs, looking a bit sorry.    My nose twitched before my eyes caught up.  There appeared to be a pile of something revolting on the stairs.  It smelt like the worst poo you could imagine.  Murphy had up-chucked.  I had to grab some towels to cover the mess, encourage him past it, he really didn't want to go near it (can't blame him, neither did I). 
With Murphy safely outside, I gathered the gear and went to see what was what.  Scraped the gunk off the carpet into a suitable recepticle and..... there was a dead mouse.  Yuk.  I said a rude word and carried on scraping.  No.  Two dead mice.  Yuk Yuk.   Stinky dead mice.  Long dead mouldy dead mice.  Yuk Yuk Yuk.  nooooooo.

I wouldn't have minded so much, but I had just hoovered the bloody stairs!!!

Monday, 12 September 2011


Kizzie is the resident cleptomaniac and so neither hooligans are allowed in my studio.  Miss 'grease lightening' managed to squeeze past me and grab the first thing she could out of the rubbish bin.  Once out in the garden there was no catching her.

Murphy wanted to know what she had got, he tried to take it and there was a little tug of war.  Then Kizzie let go and THWACK.  Murphy got slapped by the latex glove.  Kizzie grabbed it and he let go.  This went on for a couple of minutes, each in turn being slapped. 

I smiled benignly at them, lulled them into trusting me, then I grabbed the glove.  It was a little shredded but still whole.  I wouldn't trust Murphy not to swallow!

1/2 hour later and the studio was slightly re-arranged with the bin high enough that even big dogs can't dip into.