Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's been snowing

Kizzie loves playing in the snow and doesn't care how wet she gets. We went for a run this afternoon and got caught in a snow storm.  She didn't think too much of wearing her jumper but it is meant to wick away moisture as well as warm her up. Kizzie wouldn't come near me for a while, but the radiator beckoned..

Sunday, 28 November 2010

another win for KW

B went out to the studio, Kizzie wanted to go with him but she isn't allowed in the studio because she steals stuff.  So she stood in the kitchen by the door to the garden looking all sad.  Then she trumped.  And looked at me.  So I opened the door and let her out.  She mosied along the path, carefully sniffing and being very innocent.  She walked past the studio door, stopped, did a double take.  Fancy that, she found her daddy!  Quite by accident.

Kizzie stood and looked and waited, she looked and waited, all pathetic in the cold hard snow.  Eventually she gave in and came back inside, stomped into her crate and threw herself down, huffed and went to sleep.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

new coat

The Humiliation of being tied to the banister whilst my mum put my new coat on.

Kizzie's allergies caused her fluffy undercoat to fall out, so she has to wear a coat.  Kizzie was not amused and wriggled like you wouldn't believe, however I can occasionally still outwit her.

We have been putting stuff on the stairs on the other side of the gate so that she can't steal them, shoes, hats and gloves etc.  Little monkey was running around with my hat yesterday, she has learned to reach through the bannisters to grab the things she wanted.  I am too old for this........

some white stuff

Next door neighbour caused a bit of a palava this morning as they couldn't get their car off the driveway, so Kizzie was up early.  If Kizzie is up, then I am up too.  I don't often see the sun rise but it was worth it this morning, we had SNOW!!

After a charge about in the garden we decided to go to our usual walking spot to see if any of Kizzie's friends were out for a play.

Here is Barney, the lovely labradoodle.  He is only 8 months old so loves to bounce and play.

and play chase

Two black labradors were playing too, the doodles were watching them roll around in the snow.  They were too fast to get a good photo.

We had a great time, lots of playful dogs and easy going owners with bright red noses today.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What Kizzie did

This was what I found the other morning when I came downstairs. 

I wondered where the foam had come from but as I got nearer....

The little monster had taken the cushions off, eaten her way through the cover and the fabric of the sofa underneath, then ripped the foam out.  However on the plus side, she hadn't eaten any of it.

Poor Kizzie has allergic conjunctivitus, her eyes are so sore.  She also has itchy skin and diarrhea.  Our vet believes this is all due to something she is eating and so poor Kiz is on a diet of prescription kibble and water.  No treats, no chews, no meat.  So not only sore and uncomfortable but being denied every pleasure in life....

Well, perhaps not every pleasure :)

I decided it would be best if Kizzie slept in my bedroom so that I could keep an eye on what she is up to.  Mostly sleeping on the floor, but this morning I woke up with Kizzies face squished up against mine, her front legs were wrapped around my neck, she was fast asleep laying on the pillow next to mine.