Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday funday

Kizzie was so good whilst bf Mathew trimmed away her neck hair and stuck a needle in.  He filled loads of little bottles with blood ready for the lab to test.  Kizzie didn't move, she didn't cry, didn't flinch, didn't wriggle.  This may have had something to do with the fact that Sam was practically sitting on her holding on to her head, perhaps more to do with the way Mathew seems to hypmotise her.  Whatever the reason, I was very pleased that she didn't find it traumatic. 

On Wednesday evening we went training.  Two dogs and their handlers stood whilst another dog walked in a figure of 8 around them.  OFF the lead.  Oh My!  Kizzie was a star, walked to heel totally ignoring the other dogs.  Even when Hetty started clapping, jumping up and down, shouting, opening and closing the door, Kizzie watched me and followed by my side. How proud was I? 

Today we went to see C&E and Ben.  They played, chased, pretended to fight.  Kizzie tormented Ben by taking his toy and waving it at him, if he could have talked, he would have said "don't want it anyway".  They had an ostrich chew.  Kizzie gobbled hers up, whilst Ben slowly enjoyed his.  Embarrassingly Kizzie stole his chew.  Poor Ben just looked at her, shocked at her cheek.  He did enjoy eating her kibble later.  Kizzie slept the whole way home in the car.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Duck Anyone?

Kizzie played with her funky chicken for months, its sqawk accompanied many tv programmes.  Then she chewed it into pieces and it went into the place of no return - the bin.
I was out and about yesterday and saw the duck.  Kizzie is happy, we are a little less so, she hasn't stopped quacking it yet!
Today is the day we take Kizzie for her blood test.  I want her soft fluffy face fur to grow back, I miss her Rod Stewart impersonation.

This is where Kizzie spends many hours, we don't get passing people but she enjoys a bark at the postman and she can spot her dads car coming.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kizzie in print

Did you know that you can have your blog printed and bound into a book?  You can, and I did.  Sharedbook is the name of the company that will publish your blog.  You tell them the start date and the end date.  You can edit or delete any of your posts for the book whilst leaving your blog intact.  You chose the front and back cover, write any dedications and they do the rest.
My book came yesterday.  It is hardback, with good quality paper and covers the first year of Kizzie's life with us.  I used the economy format so it looks exactly like my blog.  I am thrilled to have a permanent reminder of our first year, it will be something to treasure when Kizzie is an old dear.  I wish I had something like this for my Katy, and of course my childrens first year would be something special. 
If you are better at blogging than journaling, I can highly recommend one of these.  Mine cost $38.

On the allergy front - we have fed Kizzie everything we can think of.  I also bathed her in a shampoo which kills mites just in case that was causing the itching. So far her tummy is fine and her eyes are still free of the gunge, my predicament now is whether to go ahead with the blood tests or wait and see.  Sigh

Friday, 21 January 2011

contrary girl

Kizzie is in 7th heaven.  Her bf, Mathew (our vet) told us to give her anything and everything to eat in the two weeks before her blood test.  So we have.  She has eaten human food for the first time and yes, she loves it.  She has had expensive fresh meat, cheap cheap kibble and lots of stuff in between.  Mathew fully expected Kizzie to get raging diarrhea and not to worry, we would quickly sort it out after the test.  Nope - nothing but perfect poos!  Eyes have stopped secreting gunge too.  In fact if Kizzie wasn't still scratching herself raw, we wouldn't bother with the test.  But she is, so we will.

But what a contrary dog she is.

Monday, 10 January 2011

The boss

Kizzie had a bath , she came in from her morning run filthy, mud up to her ears! Kiz doesn't mind the bath, she had a lovely drink from the tap and stood nicely whilst I got her wet all over, then she jumped out. Muddy footprints all over the carpet! I wrapped her in a towel and put her back in (nearly putting my back out at the same time), then soaped her up with the very expensive soothing oatmeal shampoo. Little sod jumped out again. muddy foamy footprints on the bathroom carpet! Wrapped her again, put her back in. She jumped out. For goodness sakes! I had taken her collar off of course, so grabbed a lead, wrapped it around her neck and fastened her to the shelf unit over the bath. She stood still like an angel and didn't even shake water all over me. (Which is a blessing as it wouldn't take much to pull the shelf off the walls and muck up my tiles.) Sometimes I think Kiz just likes to let me know who really is the boss, and that she only lets me do stuff because she chooses to. She was fine for a couple of hours then started with the scratching again.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Who went down to the woods today

We took Kizzie to Bourne woods today.  She found a labradoodle to play with.  Kiz was so well behaved, no jumping, no running after children, in fact she would have been the perfect companion if it hadn't been for the horse doo incidents.  Not one pile, 5.  And once, we chased her away and she ran back and grabbed another piece, dis-gus-ting!
Kizzie has been asleep since we got back, the only sign of life the occasional waggy tail, her dreams must be good ones :)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

What a worry

Lovely ben has been really poorly.  He was rushed off to the emergancy vet at midnight on the 27th Dec as he was in such a lot of pain.  Sedation and Morphine, followed by an MRI scan then an operation.  He is home now and recovering but we are very lucky to still have him. 
His testicles were inside his stomach, one still a normal size, but the other the size of a grapefruit, it had twisted!  A few more hours and he may have died. 
Everyone is happy and relieved but angry that the insurance company refuse to pay the bill as they say it was an pre-existing condition.  I am not convinced a testicular tortion could be anticipated.  If you have a male dog, please check his wotsits

Edited to tell you that the insurance company have paid the bill, 5 months after the event but late is better than never.