Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday funday

Kizzie was so good whilst bf Mathew trimmed away her neck hair and stuck a needle in.  He filled loads of little bottles with blood ready for the lab to test.  Kizzie didn't move, she didn't cry, didn't flinch, didn't wriggle.  This may have had something to do with the fact that Sam was practically sitting on her holding on to her head, perhaps more to do with the way Mathew seems to hypmotise her.  Whatever the reason, I was very pleased that she didn't find it traumatic. 

On Wednesday evening we went training.  Two dogs and their handlers stood whilst another dog walked in a figure of 8 around them.  OFF the lead.  Oh My!  Kizzie was a star, walked to heel totally ignoring the other dogs.  Even when Hetty started clapping, jumping up and down, shouting, opening and closing the door, Kizzie watched me and followed by my side. How proud was I? 

Today we went to see C&E and Ben.  They played, chased, pretended to fight.  Kizzie tormented Ben by taking his toy and waving it at him, if he could have talked, he would have said "don't want it anyway".  They had an ostrich chew.  Kizzie gobbled hers up, whilst Ben slowly enjoyed his.  Embarrassingly Kizzie stole his chew.  Poor Ben just looked at her, shocked at her cheek.  He did enjoy eating her kibble later.  Kizzie slept the whole way home in the car.

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