Thursday, 27 September 2012

Yum part two

Another trial package of food arrived today.  This one is Purizon I ordered the fish version to see if it suited Kizzie.  There was some interest when I opened the pack, Kizzie tried a piece of kibble and sat and waited for the next piece.  Murphy ate his and wandered off.  Not as gobble worthy as the duck from the other day then. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I sent for a trial box of new food from 'Bob and Lush'
There was a bit of pushing and wriggling before bottoms hit the deck and the duck kibble was gobbled up and lips licked.  I didn't dare give Kizzie any of the lamb dinner, but Murphy appreciated it very much.  Sadly I didn't have seconds. He seemed quite sad about that.   I am hoarding the dried duck breast and they get a tiny piece when they don't bark at passers by. 
It is tricky, I want them to bark and scare off burglers and annoying people who come to the door.  But I am fed up of falling off my chair in shock every time they see someone 100 feet away.  Trouble is, once someone comes through the gate they both assume that it is a new best friend and wag like crazy.  (Except for the postman)