Friday, 29 June 2012

tired out

Kizzie knows better than to leave her chew laying around.  Murphy isn't called "Two Chews" for nothing.  She really was fast asleep here

Thursday, 28 June 2012

We went to the seaside

As it was such a nice day we took ourselves off to the beach.  We had a lovely couple of hours.

On the way back we had only been in the car a few minutes when Kizzie leaned over the back seat and started to whine very insistantly. B pulled into a layby right across from a deer park! There were lots of "stay....staaay..." whilst we opened the boot, but they were as good as gold and sat and waited whilst we put the leads on. Phew!! As they jumped out I realised why Kiz had been so upset. There was a very large puddle of vomitty looking stuff. Poor little love used to get very car sick but she has been fine lately. Luckily we always pile the boot with blankets so I just lifted the top one out and shook it by the side of the road, noticing at the same time that the kibble forming a large part of the pile was in fact Murphy's.  That's a first.  Bless my little girl she was telling me that Murphy was ill :)

As we drove home we could see huge flashes of lightening and the sky got darker and darker.  It was the biggest storm I have driven through, lightening striking down to the ground, thunder fit to deafen and pounding rain that the wipers couldn't keep up with.  The roads were flooded and it did get a bit scary, but we were very brave as we didn't want to frighten the dogs.

All is well that ends well , both hooligans are fast asleep with full bellies as they have just eaten their dinners and the sun is shining

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Something happened yesterday.  I was out in my studio (aka garage), the hooligans were playing in the garden.  I looked up and saw Murphy laying on the grass chewing his chewy but couldn't see Kizzie.  After a quick look around I went back into the studio and there she was.  Under my desk. Fast asleep.  It was one of those 'perfect moments'.
My beautiful Katydog was supposed to sleep under my desk but she died before the building was completed and somehow it never became the space it was intended to be - our space.

I did gulp a bit.

I may regret saying this, but Kizzie didn't even try to steal anything.  Either I have Kizzie-proofed my space or she is growing up.  Time will tell :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

good dogs

Well they have been mostly good, apart from the new hole in the lawn...
I bought them a new toy today, it was a pink flamingo which honked.  B told me not to let them take it outside, but I was going out so...


Murphy didn't mind Kizzie having the toy as he had his squeaky ball

or should I say balls?

Kizzie did think about taking one off him but she thought better of it and instead taunted him with the squawking cockeral.  He wasn't impressed.  Here she is waiting for him to make a run for it, it is on the bottom right of the photo.  He didn't bother, Kizzie is way faster than him

They did wonder what had happened to the flamingo.

It is on my desk waiting to dry (Murphy dribbles on Everything) and then I will sew it back together without the stuffing.  It will live to play another day

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nice cream

I bought two pots, one each and both were slurped for England :)  For once Kizzie finished first and tried to muscle in on Murphy's.  I expect I will be buying it again then....

Sunday, 3 June 2012

busy day

I met a friend whilst out walking today so the dogs go an extra go-round the field.  They slept for hours

Today it is raining, but the hooligans still went out for their walk (although not with me).  Hmm, Murphy's curls are back

I do love a sleeping dog, it is much easier to take photos.

Did I mention that we filled in the holes in the lawn? Re-seeded.  Carefully nurtured the new grass?  Even mowed it twice?  I saw this look come over Kizzie, ran to the door shouting NO!.  Too late. Sigh.  Anyway, the hole is filled in, seeds planted and mesh pegged over the space for protection.  Again.
Imagine, I am in bed, just waking up.  B comes in with something in his hand and shows it to me, "what do you think this is".  I took it, looked, decided it was the remains of a squeaky from one of their toys.  "oh" he says, "Murhpy threw it up last night".  sigh