Friday, 29 October 2010


Kizzie wearing her jumper.  Note the 'not impressed' expression on her face.  I think she would happily give it to Louis :)                            

Modelling is so tiring

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Someone took my rug away

We had to reorganise the kitchen to get the extra crate in.  There wasn't enough floor space for the rug so I rolled it up and moved it to the study.

Kizzie likes to sleep on that rug!

Little Louis is only allowed out of his crate for a quick turn around the garden so I don't have good pics of him yet.  He is tiny compared to Kizzie although he is almost as tall.

Kizzie torments Louis like crazy, taking a toy up to him and waving it around, if he ignores her she barks like crazy, if she runs off he barks to get her to come back. 

Luckily they both have a sleep in the afternoons.

little temptress

Here's Kizzie in one of her favorite spots, watching Louis as B reads a book about lurchers.

Don't read your book, play with me..

Who you looking at?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Gedoff my puppy

Would you take the puppy away from such a cross face? 
Poor Kizzie had a phantom pregnancy and being spayed has sent her hormones into overdrive.  She has drops to dry up her milk, antibiotics to prevent infection in what is left of her uterus, is refusing to eat anything but freshly cooked chicken and rice.  She has been sick a couple of times too.  So when she stole this puppy from gg's room this morning I didn't have the heart to take it off her.
Especially as she was running around jumping on beds and up and down the stairs with it.  I am not sure how good a mum she would have been as this poor little thing has already lost one eye, it's nose is not looking so good and it must have headache from being duffed up.

I suspect I will have earache when gg finds out her puppy is missing.

Kizzie's hair continues to change colour, she now has blotches of dark chocolate with splashes of ginger and of course, her blonde highlights. 

Stitches come out on Friday.  Kizzie will have a friend to help look after this weekend, we are going to look after a little darling with a broken leg in the hope that they get on.  Wish me luck

Sunday, 3 October 2010

hedgehog news

The little hedgehog is living behind the garage.  Guess who found him?  Miss Kizzie couldn't quite reach him because the dustbin was in the way so I shouldn't have to worry about fleas this time but doesn't barking sound loud at night...