Sunday, 31 July 2011

life is full of firsts

Some of the 'firsts' are more welcome than others.  Murphy enjoyed his first 'roll' in poo today.  Shortly followed by a bath. 

He wasn't too happy about going in the bath but put up with it.  He wasn't going to allow me to wash his rear end though, so sat.  In two inches of soapy bath water.  Suits me :)

In the photo Murphy is outside enjoying his hide chew. Kizzie is keeping her eye on him whilst staying out of the sun.

Is everyone having a mass infestation of ants this year or have they all moved to sunny Sleaford?

Friday, 29 July 2011

I don't like dog food manufacturers

Royal Canin have withdrawn Kizzie's special fish diet food.  Or rather they have replaced the blue whiting with duck!!!
I have spent ages trawling the net looking for a fish based food, found several but most have the sneaky addition of chicken meal or dried egg in the ingredients list and Kizzie is allergic to both.  Deep Sigh.
James Welbeloved make an ocean fish and vegetables variety, no meat, no eggs, no grain.  Whippee.  I ordered a bag and Kizzie rather likes it.  I have been giving her a little mixed with the RC every day and the first three days were fine, then on day 4 Kiz produced a rather loose, extremely stinky poop :(

In the meantime the little blighter has found something new to roll in on our daily walk.  So I come home and am moaning to Brian about the pong and he says, quite casually "that will be the pigeon - they were running around pulling it apart the other day" !!!!!  No wonder she has got the runs, long dead pigeon would give anyone the blooming runs. Rant rant.

Anyway the poops are now back to normal and she is still loving the food so with any luck all will be well.  This kibble is cheaper than the RC one too so more dosh for me :)

So, last night I took the little darlings out for their walk.  Murphy ran around holding his ball and being an angel whilst the hooligan ran straight to the stinky area and had a roll.  I ran after her yelling stuff loosely translated as "you animal, drop it, come back here".  Kizzie came running back, chomping rapidly on something.  It was a leg I believe, I definately saw a foot sticking out of her mouth.  Then she gulped it down.

It can't possibly be my turn to pick up the poop today.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

asleep again

The most interesting and equally boring time of day is when I have my lunch.  We follow a pattern where they look all optimistic whilst I get it ready, just in case I change my mind and give them some.  Then they fall asleep because I am boring and never ever share :)

It doesn't seem to matter where I am or what I am doing - they are not far away but are always together.

And wherever they have been, there is a mess.

At the moment, Murphy is out at his training class with Brian and Kizzie is laying on the stool watching for him coming back.

Do you like the new cover for the sofa?  I was hoovering it yesterday and discovered a huge hole in the fabric behind the cushion that Kizzie is laying on.  Someone has been chewing, someone else has tidied up the mess the chewer made and didn't think to tell me.  Deep sigh! 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My lovlies

This is their favorite spot in the house.  When I picked up the camera, Murphy's head was on top of Kizzie's, it was such a sweet sight.  He spends hours standing like this looking out of the window.

Then today, he climbed up and made himself comfortable for the first time.

Kizzie didn't mind, she simply moved over to make room for him.

They love being together, although it is not always as calm as this :)  There is the occasional play fight and why is it that whichever toy one has, the other wants it?

Moments like this are priceless.  But they are not rare in our house.  We are so lucky.

I can't think of a single reason not to have these two. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I remember when

I remember when 'Little Murphy' came home with us.  He is not so little now.
He has a new collar, it matches Kizzie's :)  It is lovely and soft and made from Elk Skin.  I didn't read the label until I got home " case of use of leashes, training, working in water, playing with other dogs etc" it is suggested you use another collar from the range !!!

I will start looking for another now then

Saturday, 16 July 2011


I caught Kizzie bottom scooting along the carpet this morning!  I assumed she had worms so called at the vets to get worm treatment whilst we were out and about. I mentioned the scooting and our young vet thought it more likely to be anal gland problems, so the nurse took Kizzie off to a consulting room for a quick look-see.
I was quite proud as Kizzie climbed onto the scales and sat as we walked past them :)

Then I went a bit pink when the nurse had a look at Kizzie's rear end and told me that the problem was a bit of twig stuck to the hair around her bottom.  A quick shave and we left via the scales again.  25.25kg btw

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I got the renewal notice for Kizzie’s pet insurance this week, I switched her to the same policy as Murphy so we got a discount, but I had to own up about her allergies and there are exclusions on her part of the policy, she isn’t covered for anything wrong with her eyes or for gastro upsets. My fault for not continuing her puppy cover, I won’t be allowing this policy to lapse. Happily, since she is a good girl and doesn’t eat dead animals, Kiz has been really healthy since we stopped feeding her meat.

After the upset of the cod dog treats being discontinued (and needing something to keep in my pocket for emergency recall), I had a mosey down the cat food isle. Natures Menu make a very nice salmon and trout treat. Murphy and Kizzie went to stay with C and Ben this weekend, Ben is an extremely picky eater and C insisted he wouldn’t eat the treats. Hahahahahahaha. I have been sent to get some more for him