Wednesday, 30 March 2011

training tale

One of the things we are learning to do, is send the dog away and touch an object.  The object we are using is a Kong Wobbler  As I got up to take Kizzie over to have a go, she ran ahead and thwacked it.  Sadly treats didn't come out of it as it rocked, so she didn't want to do it again.  I had to stand and look at it until Kizzie got the idea.  Kizzie looked at me, I looked at the wobbler.  Kizzie sat, I looked at the wobbler, Kizzie lay down....  You get the idea.  Eventually, Kizzie gave a huge sigh and sent it flying.  

Kizzie's eyes are fine and she is not scratching

Kizzie's eyes are fine and she is not scratching - How fantastic is that.  The sensitivity food is doing the job, and we are now allowed to introduce one new food at a time.  She enjoyed her piece of apple today.  I am starting cautiously, no meat for a while.  Murphy likes apple too :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Little Murphy is growing

He is a lovely boy, he poses so nicely.  Murphy is a delight, he may not be as clever as Kizzie, but we think that is just fine.  One dog who can outsmart us is one too many :):)

Kizzie takes care of him most of the time, but when he decided to go swimming she just stood and watched.  We were so shocked we did too.  Kizzie loves to splash and paddle but he just swam into the middle of the river.  He didn't half pong later and had to have a bath.  Kizzie supervised.

They were watching for their daddy to come home and he was ages.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Training tale

B to Kizzie to her training class yesterday.  3/4 of an hour into the class Hetty told everyone to put their dogs back in the cars. The humans were going to clicker train each other.  1/2 were sent outside whilst the rest were given instructions.  B had to pick up a jar and take it to L, no words, just a click for doing the right thing.  The clicker operator looked at the jar, B touched the jar and got a click, but the operator carried on looking at the jar.  B picked up the jar and got a click.  The operator looked at L so B took the jar to L and got a click.  It all deteriorated a bit when B had to teach L how to walk to heel :)
When everyone arrived for the following class, they were invited in to watch :):)

I think everyone enjoyed the class, B certainly did , and it taught any sceptics that clicker training really does work.  I think B prefered it to being made to skip ;)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Waggy tails but no sense

Out walking with Kizzie and Murphy.  We met a German Shepherd x Husky called Rudy and his human.  The dogs had a lovely run around whilst we chatted, Kizzie came running over being all adorable, stole the bag of fresh chicken out of the womans pocket, ate the lot and ran off again.  Now that is a first!  After four weeks of kibble, I can't blame her, but I was rather embarrassed.  Now we wait to see if Miss K is allergic to chicken.

Little Murphy, (the perfect puppy) vomitted for the first time today.  Apart from his dinner, Brian noticed large pieces of banana skin, several bits of blue plastic and a couple of chunks of green granite.  I watched with jaw on floor as B calmly walked over to the kichen drawer, got out my best cake spatula and cleared up the mess.

I don't know which is worse, the pick pocket, the stupid swallower or the husband who inspects the dogs vomit.   And what has Murphy got against my pink granite?  I see muzzles in my future, and a new spatula

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

red nose day is 18th March

I think the fedupness at having photos taken is catching.
Maybe it was the humiliation of having to wear sparkly red bobbled on their heads :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

cute pics but read the words

They are adorable, and I am in love.  But, like children occasionally they are little brats.  Well, one of them is.

My friend lives almost next door and I was invited to tea and bring the dogs to meet their guests.  I am not daft, Kizzie is still a bouncy girl when she gets excited, so I only took Murphy.  He was a little darling, happy and calmly greeting everyone, charming like crazy.  I was told to go and bring Kizzie over too!

Kizzie was happy to accompany me.  Little did I know she had the right hump about being left behind.

After she charged into the house, slapping Murphy as she ran past him, she jumped onto my friends dads lap, gave him a good licking and turned to her next victim.  I quickly called her outside.  Happy days!  Murphy followed us and ambled over to the herb garden and chomped on a leaf. Kizzie ran up, grabbed the pot and ran off with it.  She charged around the garden with the pot in her mouth, Murphy running behind her, plant, soil and shingle flying everywhere.  Would she give it back?  What do you think?  After a few minutes I went back inside and got her lead and the little wotsit came and sat for me to put it on, but she wouldn't give up the plantpot.  I gathered what was left of my pride, said bye and sloped off home via the garden gate. I didn't get to drink my tea.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Kizzie and Murphy show the love

Five minutes later they were running around the house beating each other up.  In a harmless and nice way of course.  We seperated them, B took Murphy and I had Kizzie for a cuddle and calm down.  Murphy looked around as though he was trying to work out how to get to Kizzie unnoticed,  it hurt his brain so he went to sleep instead :)                           

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

run run run

We went to the pasture for a bit of fresh air and exercise

Kizzie looks after Murphy and waits for him

until he gets the hang of it

I got lots of pics of their bottoms but only one of Murphy's happy face. 

Kizzie disapeared for a moment, I could see her legs in the air as she rolled in something.  I didn't want to know what it was and thankfully managed to divert Murphy's attention. 

We set the kitchen timer to remind us to let Murphy out for a wee, he does go to the door but just waits and sometimes we don't notice, then he runs to the newspaper and uses that.  I ordered a set of 'poochie bells' in the hope that he will learn to ring them and catch our attention.  They came this morning and I hung them on the front door to see what reaction I would get.  Kizzie immediately walked up to them and pushed with her nose.  She is such a clever girl, she has only rung them once since.  I do hope she teaches Murphy how to use them.