Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The deed is done

Kizzie had her op yesterday.  No puppies for us ever. 

What a worry.  We picked her up at 4 in the afternoon and she slept, and slept.  I woke her at about 6 to give her a tablespoon of id meat, then again at 8.  She had a nice drink of water and went back to sleep.  Then she started to get cold.  We led her into her crate, wrapped her in a blanket and directed a fan heater towards her.  She warmed up but still slept on. 

I lay on a blanket on the floor by her crate.  She crept towards me, put her head next to mine, her paw on my hand and went back to sleep.  At around 3am, Kizzie came out of her crate, lay next to me on my blanket, then stretched her legs and pushed me onto the bare floor, there's gratitude for you!

I never realised just how comfy our kitchen sofa is.  I think my back would have sighed with pleasure if a back could do such a thing. 

Brian came down at 4, so I went to bed and got some sleep.  By the time I came down at 9, Kizzie had eaten some breakfast, taken her pain relief tablet without incident and been out for a wee.  She slept until about 2 this afternoon, and then decided she was bored.  It stopped raining so we had a little walk around the block. 

Crisis over, Kizzie is fine.  I am tired, I ache, I have just eaten 2 bars of chocolate to get my strength up, Kizzie is lying under my desk as I am writing this and sadly, she has wind....

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Poor Pigeon

"Wend come quick".  Kizzie is outside with a pigeon in her mouth.  She looked so pleased with herself, she 'found' it amongst the bushes in the garden.  Then the pigeon made a little 'help' type noise.  Kizzie shook it. 
Luckily I always have chicken in the fridge these days.  I grabbed a few pieces, slung them into a bowl and put it on the grass.  Kizzie came close, gently dropped the pigeon and snorfed the chicken.  I picked up the young bird, it was still breathing and making tiny noises, so I carried to safety and put it somewhere safe to either recover or die peacefully.
It died.  I must admit I had thought a cat had caught it and Kizzie had stolen it, but I couldn't see a mark on it.  I don't suppose being shaken did it any favours. 

I was impressed with the way Kizzie brought the bird to show me, also impressed with the gentle mouth and no chewing.  I suppose she is a real retriever after all.  But I would have preferred it if the pigeon had flown away.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


I think Kizzie has eaten one of her toys, her bottom is making a funny squeaking sound. 

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Rod Stewart hair day

Kizzie gets ever so fed up when I get my camera out, but you have to love her 'Rod Stewart' hair.  See the ginger tips on the blonde hair on the top her head?  My Kizzie has roots :):)
Don't be fooled by the "who me" expression on her face, Kizzie is a saucy little girl with a great sense of humour and a mean left hook.  Just ask the little hedgehog
that she found in the garden the other day, Kizzie thwacked it with her paw and sent it flying.  We haven't seen it since. 

I clicked on the wrong thing in Paint Shop Pro and found a long list of picture frames, I couldn't resist this one, it brings out the colour of her hair so nicely..

Sunday, 12 September 2010


We went to stay by the English/Welsh border for a few days. We like old ruins and so does Kizzie, unfortunately she has no concept of high up, and "don't fall off", so she had her lead attached.

When we weren't climbing up castles, we went walking in the valleys.  This is our Kiz enjoying a splash in Offa's Dyke.  And no we didn't walk the whole 177 miles.
We stayed in a lovely log cabin in beautiful surroundings, up a tiny country road, up which I refused to drive.  There were 16 horses and Kizzie thought they were oh so scarey, especially the huge white one which leaned over the fence and neighed at her.   

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Diet - nooooooo!

Kizzie has to lose weight, her waistline has expanded.  And I thought she was loosing weight and was worried about her.  My poor girl....

postnote - we saw our usual vet this morning to get some travel sickness pills for a long journey we have coming up, Mathew says Kizzie is fine and just the right weight for her size.  Phew.  Whippee.