Thursday, 27 May 2010


We've been promoted from the beginners class. There are still lots of things to work on but Kizzie is a little star, well if you don't count the fact that she tried to bite Hetty when she touched her collar. Guess what we will be working on this week?


I think I know why Kizzie has been sick recently. E bought me an Azalia for mother's day and I did ever so well keeping it alive. When it lost all the flowers I put the plant outside. When Kiz was sick last week I found three leaves amongst the froth. She was sick again last night and this morning and so I spent a while trawling the net and found this

Happily Kizzie is fine, she enjoyed her walk this morning and has been eating id kibble this afternoon, hand fed one at a time. The azalia has gone.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Werthers originals

I heard a crash as one of my ornaments fell onto the floor. Kizzie was in the kitchen looking suspicious. Brian found the two empty wrappers by the door, the other two were close to where the ornament had been. Last time I had seen these, there were 6! I hardly dare guess what happened to the other two. I guess Kizzie's poop will sparkle for the next couple of days.
On a happy note, the sickness has gone, Kizzie is drinking and the very expensive prescription diet was much appreciated.

4am alarm call

I don't do mornings, I didn't realise there were two '4 o'clocks' in one day! But yesterday I woke up to a very loud wretching sound. Poor Kizzie. By lunchtime we were getting very worried, she wouldn't eat and she wouldn't drink, she put herself into her crate and lay with her head on her stuffed doggie. Only coming out to be sick. We took her to see Mathew, her most adored vet.
Kizzie ran up to him wagging her tail, then stood still whilst he examined him, more animated than she had been all day. I never thought she would allow anyone to stick a thermometer up her bottom, but she did!
Kizz had two injections to stop the vomitting and came home for more rest.
At 7pm she drank some water and ate a tiny amount of food - she would have eaten the whole can but she is on small amounts more often.

It is very hot here so she must drink or she will have to go on a drip at the vets. We will be keeping a close watch on her today. So far she seems a lot better this morning, if a little disapointed at the amount of breakfast I gave her.

Friday, 21 May 2010

1st lesson

It didn't bode well, Kizzie threw up on the way and we couldn't find the training place. I was a bit uptight by the time we got there because we were late. Kizzie didn't understand why I wouldn't let her off the lead, there were so many dogs to play with! A sit down and a calm chat with her settled her. Ok, I gave her sausage and diverted her attention from the other dogs :)
Even with the distraction, Kizzie remembered her sit, down, gimme paw etc. She came running to me when she should. When the other puppies were having their turns, Kiz got bored and had a bit of a bark but overall I think Hetty was happy with her.
Our job for the next two weeks is to get her used to being on a short lead so that Kizzie can enjoy the fun summer school. We will get to try agility, obedience, barrel racing and longe training. It's just for fun and to see what Kizzie is capable of and what she enjoys doing - we can't start those full time until she is at least a year old, so it will obedience for the next 6 months at least.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Big day tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the first day of our new training classes. We are so lucky to have close by. Take a look at their youtube videos to see the amazing dogs they train. We are going to basic obedience classes but hope to attend their summer fun school this June.

I have my sausages ready.....

mobile phone pic

this was taken the day Kizzie came home with us. That is one of Brian's size 8's. I look at Kiz now and can't believe she was ever that tiny.
We have neither the rug nor the sofa cover any more. They were 'Kizzied'. She still tries to steal those shoes but has never chewed them, the laces are a bit stiff though :)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

can I come in please

Kizzie came bounding in from the garden and jumped on Brian. As he absently minded wondered how her head got so wet he looked down and noticed the muddy pawprints on the carpet. What a commotion! By the time I arrived on the scene, Kizzie was outside looking all sad.

By the time I had managed to wash her feet I was drenched and covered in mud too. Tea will be late again tonight then.

P.S. Kizzie has learnt how to squeeze the handle on the hosepipe, what a bright girl she is.

sod's law

I was chatting to my friend yesterday and telling her how wonderful Kizzie is doing. Sue decided to accompany us on our evening walk. First 100 yards all is magic. Then Kizzie took off after a couple of dogs and would she come back? Not on your nellie. I called, whistled, yelled, I shouted 'sausage' and still she didn't even break her stride. I blushed and we took off after her. The kind humans with the dogs waited. I got about 50 yards away, blew the whistle and Kizzie finally looked up. Sausage was mentioned and she came flying back to us. And then she was as good as gold for the rest of the walk.

Of course Kiz did a poop. I got out my bag and picked it up. Pierced the bag and stuck my finger in soft, warm, stinky poo. I don't think Sue will be offering to take Kizzie out any time soon. What is it with these bag manufacturers? I can't be the only one who would rather pay a bit more for thicker bags.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


We have been working on recall. Kizzie walks, I call her back and give her a treat, she walks off again. Most of the time when I call her, she comes back, I have tiny pieces of sausage with me for those occasions when playing with another dog is preferable to coming to me. (She is part labrador after all)
For weeks now a couple of times a day I have blown a short toot on a whistle and given Kizzie a treat. Today Kizzie took off after a GSD and didn't hear me calling her back. One toot on the whistle and she stopped running, then I called "Kizzie, sausage" and she came flying back. Kizzie makes it seem so easy :)
On a sad note, the chicken lost it's squeak. Kizzie now has two, one sqawks and the other wheezes. Guess which one is well hidden when we try to watch the tv?

Friday, 14 May 2010

no news

Kizzie is being incredibly good and absolutely adorable. I have nothing to report.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Apologies to my neighbours for the racket

This is Kizzie barking at one of my favorite animals, the great slug eating and therefore very welcome visitor to my garden. We did try to round up Kizzie before she got covered in fleas, but she wasn't interested. I walked back into the kitchen and shouted 'sausages' and lo and behold who appeared behind me but Ms Greedy pants. And yes, I gave her a sausage, so even more chance of a splat tonight. The hedgehog disapeared pretty promptly once Kiz was safely back indoors.

I haven't trimmed the photo so that you can admire my burned grass, and my empty planters (guess who ate the plants?). Now my head is itching and if I have acquired a flea I will be offering a free puppy on ebay tomorrow.


Kizzie has the splats again.

Bad enough, but I was clearing out the fridge tonight ready for tomorrows shopping trip when the little monster reached over my shoulder and stole 200 grams of finest Yorkshire Ham. Miss Grease Lightening was out of the door into the garden before I could say "stop thief". You would not believe the grin on her face right now.

Extra newspaper tonight then....

Sunday, 9 May 2010

long walk big sleep

We went for a walk this morning. We met so many dogs, they formed a large pack and ran and played and Kizzie was oh so happy. One man had a rottweiler and a tiny but very pretty poodle. A regular at the meadow is a lady with a Westie, two labradors and a Cocker spaniel, and there were two other black labs. Guess which of all the dogs there was the dominant one? The itsy bitsy poodle of course. When we got home, Kiz had a drink and flopped onto her bed where she slept for hours.
I fixed Kizzies bed. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to get the thing under the sewing machine. It has a very strong two layer cotton quilted base now. She won't eat that in a hurry! I kept the plump cushion from Kizzie's baby bed and threw the rest away. She does keep growing..
Kizzie has been as good as gold at night for quite a while. We have a little ritual where I put her blanket on the sofa and she climbs on, I tuck her in and say shhhhh. The last few nights as soon as I get upstairs, she has a little cry and then a big bark. I come down and she is waiting for me with a toy in her mouth, wagging her tail. I encourage her back onto the sofa, say nightnight and go back upstairs. Not a sound until morning. This does remind me of something...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

todays visit to the vet

Kizzie was as good as gold today. She sat on the table and allowed Mathew to remove the stitch from her gum. (I think he secretly hypnotizes her). The teeth are growing much better now and should end up in the correct position. Hurray.

As Kizzie approaches 6 months we discussed speying and it was agreed it would be best to wait until after Kizzie has had one season. Scarey eh? I will be trawling the net for advice on how to excercise a dog in season - we really do not want puppies. We also discussed the humping. Mathew thought it was very funny and suggested we teach her what is acceptable in public.

Kizzie reviews book

I was having a coughing fit, crawling to the door trying to catch a breath, Kizzie sloped off. Brian eventually came in to see if I needed any help, saw something in Kizzie's mouth and took it off her. It was the last page. Page 730.
I agree with Kizzie, it isn't going to be a classic, but I would at least have finished the book before I threw it in the recycling bag.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gedoff my chicken

Perhaps Kizzie is a bit wary because Brian confiscated the chicken the other night when we were trying to watch Lewis on the tele. Who knew a latex toy could make so much noise.

Lamb and Rosemary treats (James Welbeloved) treats are yummy for my tummy.

These are to prove that Kizzie isn't grumpy all the time.

She may be one of the scruffiest looking dogs around, I know she looks as though she has been living behind the bins for a few weeks, and she looks as though she has dipped her face in a bleach bath, but she is lovely - really.

My Kizzie may be the only gay dog in the village. She has been humping her stuffed dog, her pillow, her bed and my cushions. It is a little embarrassing, if she was a dog I would have her sphericals removed. I am, however, very grateful that she hasn't started on my leg..

Saturday, 1 May 2010

What's a puppy got to do to get fed around here?

Kizzie is so hungry she is eating her own leg.

Then Kizzie found this chicken but it didn't fill her tummy.

So she ate this instead!