Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gedoff my chicken

Perhaps Kizzie is a bit wary because Brian confiscated the chicken the other night when we were trying to watch Lewis on the tele. Who knew a latex toy could make so much noise.

Lamb and Rosemary treats (James Welbeloved) treats are yummy for my tummy.

These are to prove that Kizzie isn't grumpy all the time.

She may be one of the scruffiest looking dogs around, I know she looks as though she has been living behind the bins for a few weeks, and she looks as though she has dipped her face in a bleach bath, but she is lovely - really.

My Kizzie may be the only gay dog in the village. She has been humping her stuffed dog, her pillow, her bed and my cushions. It is a little embarrassing, if she was a dog I would have her sphericals removed. I am, however, very grateful that she hasn't started on my leg..

1 comment:

  1. Was that the episode of Lewis where, before each murder, the killer would torment his victims with the sound of a rubber chicken, per chance?

    I think Kizzie's scruffiness is the key part of her charm!