Friday, 21 May 2010

1st lesson

It didn't bode well, Kizzie threw up on the way and we couldn't find the training place. I was a bit uptight by the time we got there because we were late. Kizzie didn't understand why I wouldn't let her off the lead, there were so many dogs to play with! A sit down and a calm chat with her settled her. Ok, I gave her sausage and diverted her attention from the other dogs :)
Even with the distraction, Kizzie remembered her sit, down, gimme paw etc. She came running to me when she should. When the other puppies were having their turns, Kiz got bored and had a bit of a bark but overall I think Hetty was happy with her.
Our job for the next two weeks is to get her used to being on a short lead so that Kizzie can enjoy the fun summer school. We will get to try agility, obedience, barrel racing and longe training. It's just for fun and to see what Kizzie is capable of and what she enjoys doing - we can't start those full time until she is at least a year old, so it will obedience for the next 6 months at least.

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