Saturday, 15 May 2010


We have been working on recall. Kizzie walks, I call her back and give her a treat, she walks off again. Most of the time when I call her, she comes back, I have tiny pieces of sausage with me for those occasions when playing with another dog is preferable to coming to me. (She is part labrador after all)
For weeks now a couple of times a day I have blown a short toot on a whistle and given Kizzie a treat. Today Kizzie took off after a GSD and didn't hear me calling her back. One toot on the whistle and she stopped running, then I called "Kizzie, sausage" and she came flying back. Kizzie makes it seem so easy :)
On a sad note, the chicken lost it's squeak. Kizzie now has two, one sqawks and the other wheezes. Guess which one is well hidden when we try to watch the tv?

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