Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Apologies to my neighbours for the racket

This is Kizzie barking at one of my favorite animals, the great slug eating and therefore very welcome visitor to my garden. We did try to round up Kizzie before she got covered in fleas, but she wasn't interested. I walked back into the kitchen and shouted 'sausages' and lo and behold who appeared behind me but Ms Greedy pants. And yes, I gave her a sausage, so even more chance of a splat tonight. The hedgehog disapeared pretty promptly once Kiz was safely back indoors.

I haven't trimmed the photo so that you can admire my burned grass, and my empty planters (guess who ate the plants?). Now my head is itching and if I have acquired a flea I will be offering a free puppy on ebay tomorrow.


  1. Oooh! We have matching lawns! I'm just experimenting with the new "Patch Magic" to see if it helps...

    Never a dull day with Kizzie Whizz Bang is there? :)

  2. Couldn't find any Kizzie-shape puppies on e-bay so I assume the flea problem didn't materialise? I'm all caught up now and have been having a few smiles at Kizzie's antics. Bless!