Saturday, 22 May 2010

4am alarm call

I don't do mornings, I didn't realise there were two '4 o'clocks' in one day! But yesterday I woke up to a very loud wretching sound. Poor Kizzie. By lunchtime we were getting very worried, she wouldn't eat and she wouldn't drink, she put herself into her crate and lay with her head on her stuffed doggie. Only coming out to be sick. We took her to see Mathew, her most adored vet.
Kizzie ran up to him wagging her tail, then stood still whilst he examined him, more animated than she had been all day. I never thought she would allow anyone to stick a thermometer up her bottom, but she did!
Kizz had two injections to stop the vomitting and came home for more rest.
At 7pm she drank some water and ate a tiny amount of food - she would have eaten the whole can but she is on small amounts more often.

It is very hot here so she must drink or she will have to go on a drip at the vets. We will be keeping a close watch on her today. So far she seems a lot better this morning, if a little disapointed at the amount of breakfast I gave her.

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