Friday, 21 January 2011

contrary girl

Kizzie is in 7th heaven.  Her bf, Mathew (our vet) told us to give her anything and everything to eat in the two weeks before her blood test.  So we have.  She has eaten human food for the first time and yes, she loves it.  She has had expensive fresh meat, cheap cheap kibble and lots of stuff in between.  Mathew fully expected Kizzie to get raging diarrhea and not to worry, we would quickly sort it out after the test.  Nope - nothing but perfect poos!  Eyes have stopped secreting gunge too.  In fact if Kizzie wasn't still scratching herself raw, we wouldn't bother with the test.  But she is, so we will.

But what a contrary dog she is.

1 comment:

  1. Two steps forward........ At least Kizzie is in food heaven for a while :-) (Sorry if I made you jump ;-) I havn't quite fallen off the planet! Yet!)