Monday, 12 September 2011


Kizzie is the resident cleptomaniac and so neither hooligans are allowed in my studio.  Miss 'grease lightening' managed to squeeze past me and grab the first thing she could out of the rubbish bin.  Once out in the garden there was no catching her.

Murphy wanted to know what she had got, he tried to take it and there was a little tug of war.  Then Kizzie let go and THWACK.  Murphy got slapped by the latex glove.  Kizzie grabbed it and he let go.  This went on for a couple of minutes, each in turn being slapped. 

I smiled benignly at them, lulled them into trusting me, then I grabbed the glove.  It was a little shredded but still whole.  I wouldn't trust Murphy not to swallow!

1/2 hour later and the studio was slightly re-arranged with the bin high enough that even big dogs can't dip into. 

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  1. Your writing lets me visualize the antics of these two characters -- too funny!