Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ring ring

'ring ring'   'ring ring'  
"where's the phone?"
"I don't know, you had it last"
"did I?"
"where were you, when you used it?"
"sitting at the desk"

Pick up mobile phone and phone 'home'

'ring ring' 'ring ring'
follow ringing noise into garden.  Find phone hidden under a bush.  No damage, no chewing, just hidden ready for a 'swap'.

Now we have to make sure we don't leave a chair anywhere near the desk as youknowwho climbs on chairs to reach stuff. 

** my phone doesn't go 'ring ring', it makes quite a naff twinkling noise....


  1. I thought for one awful minute you were going to say she'd swallowed it!

  2. I too had that awful image of you following the noise towards Kizzie's bulging belly....or even worse....!!

    Didn't someone once store your watch in the washing machine. "Tick tock!" I still maintain that the dog is taking after the daughters! LOL xxx