Thursday, 1 July 2010

I am told that one of the hardest things to teach a dog is to run away from you.  (yeah, I laughed too) Anyway we have to get Kizzie to run to a box, whilst shouting 'box'.  To make this easier, there is a tile in the box with juicy treats.  We have no problem getting Kizzie to run to those. 

The art is to get Kizzie to run back to us afterwards.  Here is Brian demonstrating how we do this.  There is a nice big piece of chicken in his hand :)
Can you see the sheep pen behind Kizzie?  I was running around inside that last week whilst encouraging Kizzie to follow me, but she was on the outside.

We train at Blackjack dog training Kizzie loves going.  We have learned loads and Kizzie is becoming the calm, well behaved girl that we want.  (Well, in public anyway)

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  1. Clever girl Kizzie! No need to say that really, she always has been :o)