Monday, 19 July 2010

Blackjack games day

We had a good time at the party.  We were in 6 teams of three, the dogs had to roll a dice and depending on which number they rolled we had a task to do.  Our team had Kizzie, a gorgeous little border collie (who gave great cuddles - I wanted to take her home with me) , and a cute little spitz. 
The challenges ranged from team efforts, to agility, special moves and obedience.  The spitz was a heelwork to music maestro, the border collie did agility so we got the obedience!!! 
One of the team challenges was to get the dog to run and pick up a frankfurter and bring it back to its handler.  It was very funny watching the handlers try to get the dog to not eat the sausage, and the dogs trying to eat the sausage before getting back to the handler, sucking them up like spagetti.  Three dogs did it, two spaniels and a goldie. 
Our group challenge was for the humans to make a bridge and the dogs had to walk over us.  The spitz ran across no problem, but the collie came and lay down with us, Kizzie got half way across before we ran out of time.  

Three hours was a long time for Kizzie but she did really well as long as we kept her busy.  She completed both of her tasks, walking backwards and 'down, up, sit' and our team came THIRD overall.  A brilliant result.

The team winners included the two spaniels who didn't eat the sausage and the individual winner was a staffie cross. 

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