Sunday, 11 July 2010


We are all a bit tired after such a busy day yesterday. 

When Kizzie stole a small sharp knife out of the sink we decided that the stealing had to stop, but how?  This month's 'dogs today' magazine has an article by Dr Ian Dunbar about training his problematic puppy.  He decided to train the dog to do the things that he didn't want him to do! 
So today when a leaflet came through the front door, Kizzie made her usual mad dash to grab it.  Brian shouted 'good girl, bring it'.  Kizzie took it straight to him and gave it to him.  Loads of good girls and well dones and thank yous and a treat of fresh chicken.   This afternoon she found one of my slippers and took that to him.  Such a clever girl.  Pity I can't find the other slipper, but 50% success rate........

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