Sunday, 27 June 2010

Kizzie loves Agility

Last week Kizzie had a little go on the Agility course and she loved it.  This week we took it one step further....

You will need some imagination to picture the scene (I was busy so couldn't take pics).

I was standing inside a sheep pen - the sort used in sheepdog trials. Kizzie was on the outside without her lead on.  I had to run around the perimiter of the pen to encourage Kizzie to run around too.  Easy Peasy!

Hetty added a jump and the tunnel.  I had to get Kizzie to run around the pen, jump over the jump, run through the tunnel.  Easy Peasy!

So Hetty added a cone to one of the posts of the pen.

Now Kizzie had to run around the pen, jump over the jump, run through the tunnel , continue around to the cone then change direction and run the opposite way, through the tunnel, over the jump run round to the cone and lay down.

First time, absolutely perfect.  Hetty mentioned the patheticness of my 'down' at the end, I was so out of breath that I could hardly gasp the word out.  But my superstar did it anyway.

Kizzie only ran off once the whole hour, she went to see the new puppy at the puppy class at the other end of the field.  But she did come back when I called her so she (aka I) got a well done. 

These are just fun training days as Kizzie can't join the Agility class until she is fully grown, probebly next April. This is good as it will give me a little time to get fit ;)

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  1. Well done Kizzie! Sounds like she's running rings round you lol