Saturday, 10 April 2010

we went to see the vet

Kizzie got her microchip yesterday, she was so busy eating a treat that she didn't even notice. Then we asked the vet to clip her nails. At least she didn't actually bite him although who knew a dog could wriggle so much? I have introduced Kizz to a comb, she tried to eat it and when I tried to put it anywhere near her she tried to eat me. I always wanted a scruffy dog and it seems I may get my wish :)

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  1. Glad all went well at the vet. You know, we taught Ellie to get used to the claw clippers when she was a puppy. Such was her disgust at the treatment, she took to nibbling her own claws when they need doing. And she has done that ever since. We've never once had to have her claws done professionally but you'll see they are lovely and short.