Wednesday, 14 April 2010

leave my holes alone

Brian filled in the holes today, good soil, plenty of grass seed and a topping of fine sand. As he moved to the next hole, Kizzie re-dug. Brian re-filled....

Brian has had to go for a lie down. I got into trouble for mentioning that those holes were Kizzies.

Tonight on our walk, Kizzie picked up a dessicated frog. I had to take it out of her mouth, what with that and the worm she ate this morning I have realised that I don't like dogs anymore.


  1. Poor Brian! Hope he's recovered. Kizzie! Behave yourself! :o)

  2. Mother! Did you learn nothing from bringing up your two daughters? First daughter easy and laid back, second daughter highly strung and mischievous. The dogs take after the daughters unfortunately! ;) Personally, I think Kizzie is great fun! Mwahahahahahaha! x

  3. Note to self: "Cement over lawn this afternoon." :)