Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kizzie needs an operation

I may be exagerating a little. Kizzie has to have some of her puppy teeth taken out. Her new teeth are through but haven't pushed the baby teeth out, Kiz has a little hole in the roof of her mouth where a new tooth is rubbing.
We had a lovely walk this morning, I took her to Mareham Pastures
http://www.marehampastures.co.uk/ which involved a gentle ride in the car. Kizzie had a lovely walk alongside a pretty Jack Russell, they played and ran around together so nicely, we met other dogs and Kizzie had a great time. She doesn't like being in the car and when we got home, she jumped out like a dog possessed. She limped into the house. Then she cried, couldn't get comfy, wouldn't be comforted and was obviously in pain. Eventually I gave her a peanut butter kong and put her in her crate to get some rest. I made an appointment with our vet to check her leg.
Brian came home a couple of hours later and Kizzie was a bit quiet but otherwise fine. No limping, (maybe mum knew best for once and the rest was all she needed). However we kept the appointment just to be on the safe side.
I mentioned the hole in the roof of her mouth just as an aside, but it turned out to be a bit of a problem and will result in Kizzie having an anesthetic on Thursday to have her puppy teeth removed. If we leave them, the new teeth won't grow straight and she may have problems forever. The good news is that Kizzie was as good as gold whilst she was examined, no wriggling or anything. I think perhaps she doesn't like being on the table as today she was examined on the floor. She did manage to piddle on the floor of both the reception area and the vet's office. Still my girl then :)

Today I ordered her a new bed.


  1. Poor Kizzie! I hope she gets on ok on Thursday. Give her a hug from me xx

  2. I had to smile at the 'piddle on the floor' comment. She does get excited doesn't she. :)

    Sorry to hear that she's needing to a visit to the vet. I hope it all goes well and Kizzie returns to her normal lovely self in record time.

    I'm guessing Mareham Pastures must be a relatively new thing as I lived in Sleaford most of my life and don't remember them?

  3. It is a large field between London Road and Mareham Lane, the Victorian Mill also overlooks it. It is a great place to practice Kizzie's recall. She comes, eats the treat and then runs off again :)