Tuesday, 5 January 2016

When Kizzie came to say good morning today she brought me a toy. She put it down and snuggled up.  Murphy came running, jumped on me, carefully reached in and gave me a gentle lick on my cheek.  Then he grabbed the toy and ran off.  Kiz looked at me and sighed. 

They are not allowed on my leather furniture.  Kizzie lies on Brian, careful to have every part of her on him and not the chair.  Murphy doesn't understand not allowed.

Today I have to stay in until either the courier delivers the package or Brian comes in.  So no walk yet.  Kizzie went and sat in the utility room and waited.  She looked at me, she looked at my scruffy shoes and sighed.  I washed the floor.  She nudged me and went back to her position.  I hope this package comes soon

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  1. So great to see glimpses of daily life with the hooligans and Brian. Hope your package came...