Saturday, 2 January 2016

January 2016 part 2

Kizzie is all grown up.  Murphy is as grown up as he will ever be, which isn't very.  My gorgeous, handsome, big lump of fluffy adorable boy still thinks he is a puppy. 

Murphy is rarely without something in his mouth.  He loves his ball and even throws his own and runs after it.  He loves squeaky toys.  He loves soft toys.  Murphy loves everyone.  (He doesn't like dogs except for Kizzie, he loves her).  Murphy also loves food and has been known to steal.  We always know it was him because he leaves whatever toy he had behind as evidence.  And he has this satisfied smile on his face.  And he smells of whatever he stole. 

Everyday is an adventure for Murph, he goes out for his walk, dancing and squeaking with excitement, anyone would think it is his first ever trip out.  His tail is a lethal weapon, going round and round like a helicopter blade when he is excited, or just swishing from side to side the rest of the time.  He likes to sit on people.  35 kilo of hairy gorgeousness on your lap is a bit of a test, but he is so lovely that most people just smile. 

Murphy doesn't roll in mud.  He doesn't roll in dead stuff either.  This is a good thing because Murphy doesn't agree with baths.  As soon as he see the towels coming out, he slopes off and hides.  It takes a huge amount of deviousness and cunning to get him near the bathroom.  Then he plants himself.  Trying to heave 35 kilos of unwilling dog into a bath is a job for superman.  Murphy doesn't mind rain so most of his baths involve Brian taking Murphy for a walk in the rain.  The wet dog smell subsides after a while..

Happy fifth adoption day Murphy


  1. The Peter Pan of Pups Can't believe it's been that long.

  2. Such a handsome boy. Our Molly dog refuses to grow up, too.

  3. oh what a sweet fella. Love that dog!