Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Three times round the path

Taking Kizzie out is such a pleasure, not only does she get to run and play with other dogs but their humans talk to me too.  Yesterday whilst Kizzie ran off and played with the gorgeous toy poodle and her companion, a doberman I chatted with their human.  Twice round the path, they went home but as I walked to the gate, up comes doodle Ollie.  So we went around again :)
We drove home and Kizzie walked into the house, had a drink and jumped onto the sofa for a sleep without even going near her dinner.
She did wake up much later for a snuggle with her puppy dog, had a bit of a chew of a hide stick and then went and put herself to bed.

I was very glad about that because my legs were aching in places I didn't even know existed.

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  1. What a face ! ;o) She is so gorgeous! You could forgive her anything - well, almost.