Sunday, 22 August 2010

Biggest puddle in the world

It was a nice sunny day today and we have been promised storms for the next few days so we decided to take Kizzie to the beach.  It is over an hours drive and she was ever so sick on the way, but it was worth it to see her running about on the sand.  This is the moment when she got her feet wet in sea water for the first time. 
It didn't take long for her to look like this.  Kizzie didn't swim but she splashed about and had a lovely time. 
We only stayed a couple of hours and Kizzie threw up again on the way home but I will take her again soon.  She will need a bath later to get the salt water out of her hair, but at the moment Kiz is fast asleep under my desk. 


  1. I love her pointy tail when it was all wet :) I wonder if she'll grow out of the motion sickness? Looks like Kizzie had fun. Wasn't it a lovely day yesterday? Hope we can catch up soon. x

  2. Which beach did you go to? Wasn't Anderby Creek was it? We go there quite a bit. It's good because it's dog-friendly and has toilets and a cafe. That's all it has in fact.

  3. It was Anderby Creek, one end of the beach is dog friendly, there was an ice-cream cart, a van serving tea and lots of friendly well behaved dogs.