Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Review or Two

Kizzie is a bright girl, she gets bored and then she gets into trouble.  We aren't allowed to over exercise her in case her joints are damaged so I have to think of games to amuse her.  Hide the treats around the house is a favorite but it didn't take her long to remember all the hiding places, so I bought one of these.  I thought it might keep her amused for a few minutes.  30 seconds is more like it.  I have taken to 'gluing' biscuits into the white bones with peanut butter to make the game last longer.  She loves it :)

I bought the spinny next, the box says "15 minutes activity" but it takes Kizzie considerably less time to snorf the treats, I think her record is 15 seconds. 

Today this one came.  This one is supposed to be harder, I thought it might take her a while to work it out.  We didn't read the instructions and accidentally set it up on the hardest level.  90 seconds and she had eaten all the chicken pieces. 

Kizzie also has a sense of humour, she steals stuff only when we are not looking, then brings them to us.  She prances about showing us what she has and then runs.  We can catch her and remove the booty when she is indoors but if she gets outside, then we have to swap for treats.  Kiz comes just close enough to decide whether the treat is good enough, if she thinks not, then she runs back outside and waits for a better offer.  Yesterday it cost me a chunk of corned beef to get my camera back.
I bought a canistor of Pet corrector spray which is supposed to 'interrupt unwanted behaviour'.   Kizzie's paws were on my kitchen worktop and she refused to get down, so I sprayed.  She looked at me.  I sprayed longer.  Kizzies' head tipped slightly to one side.  Third spray almost emptied the canistor, I swear Kizzie laughed. 


  1. She's such a little poser! She looks like she's really smiling in those photos. :) xx

  2. I'm not sure you are ever going to win ;o) Are you sure Kizzie can't read the instructions when you set these games up?!

    Hope you're all well over there. Hope to catch up soon.

  3. lol This entry so made me laugh. Your dog is sooooo much fun!