Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Last Agility

The move to the beginners, beginners class was a great idea.  Kizzie was no better but no worse than the other dogs :)  We went early and had a walk, we did some watch me exercises in the field for 10 minutes before the start of the class and Kizzie was much calmer.  So was I.
We were doing well going over the jumps and through the tunnels until I somersaulted over my own feet.  I did a lovely little pirouette in mid air and managed to land flat on my back, quick look around to see if anyone noticed (8 pairs of human eyes and 6 pairs of canine had!).  No damage except to my pride though.

Kizzie has gone over the A frame many times and even managed to stop at the bottom to 'touch' and eat her treat.  This time she had to stop with all feet on the frame.  I tried to slow her down and Kizzie fell off the side of the frame.  Time slowed.  Kizzie's leg slipped under the crossbar, she twisted and fell onto her back.  All I could do was step back to give her space to land.  I listened for the snap of a broken bone.   Kizzie stood up straight away, she limped for a few steps and was then fine.  Our trainer took her straight back over the frame, Kizzie was cautious but she did it. 

The next task was new to us.  We had to go over 'the walk'.  Up a ramp, over a bridge, back down the ramp.  The bridge was as high as my shoulders and only around a foot wide - I admit I was anxious, I don't like heights and I likely passed this fear on to Kizzie.  She went up the ramp, put her four paws on the bridge and froze.   Nothing could induce her to move forwards.  Then her legs started to shake.  Hetty called out to her partner to run and help.  With one of them each side supporting Kizzie, I tried to lure her forwards with prize chicken, without success.  Eventually Adrian got her to take one tiny step, I held my breath and said 'good girl'.  It took 15 minutes of patience to lure her to the other side, I think I aged 15 years. 

There is a tiny cut on the inside of one leg, where she hit the support and caught her leg.  I feel incredibly lucky that there is no more damage.  Incredibly guilty that I wasn't in the right place to catch her.  Incredibly guilty that I took chicken - it was the chicken in my hand that caused her to fall off.  I know better than to give Kizzie chicken, she had a dreadful tummy upset the following day.

That was our very last Agility class, ever. 

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