Saturday, 27 March 2010

splish splash

Kizzie is back to normal. She was a little brat at puppy class today, talk about 'shown up'. Brian was minding his own business sitting on his chair when it sort of collapsed. Miss K W had been digging in the sand, the hole was so big his chair fell in. Then she stole the box of chicken inducements and gobbled up half before we even realised she had it. All was forgiven when she showed off her high five, gimme paw and the very important wait. I won't report on the walking to heel as it is too embarrassing.

Kizzie has discovered a new game. This consists of her slapping her paw in her bowl of water. When there is sufficient water on the floor she paddles through it, stamping and splashing about. Throwing the bowl around is also very satisfying, as is picking it up and running around with it (whilst splashing through the Kizzie-made puddle). It is very hard trying to look cross and not laugh.

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