Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Smugness doesn't pay

I was watching tv (the dog whisperer) and congratulating myself on how well behaved Kizzie is these days. Kizzie was outside when someone close by started up a lawnmower or something. Kizz shot indoors and jumped on my lap. There was a fusty soil type aroma about her. We don't have any exposed soil in our garden but I assumed she had been in one of the tubs again. I went over to the door to close it and shut the noise out. This is what I saw first...

"Oh no" I said, (or something similar).

Someone had been digging, and look what they did.

A closer examination of Kizzie showed that she is no longer chocolate coloured, but in fact clay soil covered. By this time Kizzie was fast asleep on my kitchen sofa, with it's brand new (put on yesterday) bright red covers.

I think I may have made it worse by laughing, she will probebly do it to the rest of the nice granite chips.

But she did pose for some nice photos


  1. She's beautiful, despite being a cheeky monkey. Love the new blog xxx

  2. The red covers are lovely. Nice that they are removeable. Kiz is so smart - she knew they were washable. She is bent on keeping you busy at one thing or another. First it was mopping, now it's gardening and slipcover laundry.