Thursday, 11 February 2016

February sunshine

The weather has been changeable to say the least.  One day rain, warm and windy, next day sunshine and eye watering cold.  Walks have been short some days so I bought a tray of lambs liver and cooked it, chopped it into cubes to use as treats to keep the dogs amused.  Lots of sitting, down and waits. 
I got out the tray of mixed fish (cod, salmon and smoked haddock!) to cook a pie for tea, but it was sell by yesterdays date. Sigh.  I put it in the microwave with a little water and told Kizzie she could have fish for her tea.  Whilst I waited for it to cook, we played a few games.  I left the fish in the microwave to cool and went back to whatever I was doing.  I overheard Brian talking to Murphy, who I understand was sat watching the bowl of liver.  B moved it out of reach and all was fine.

Some time later, I could hear Kizzie trying to tell Brian something.  She was running around and quite vocal.  Eventually I came to see what the matter was.  She took me to the microwave, sat and looked at it, then at me, then at it, then at me - all the time saying something in dog.  The fish was still inside. 

So, what did they have for their tea?  "I gave them that liver"  sigh.  They had fish for pudding and smacked their lips and asked for more. 

***postnote - I was awoken this morning by a very fishy lick.  Just what you need.

Friday, 29 January 2016

it is very difficult not to adore this big lump of gorgeousness. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

When Kizzie came to say good morning today she brought me a toy. She put it down and snuggled up.  Murphy came running, jumped on me, carefully reached in and gave me a gentle lick on my cheek.  Then he grabbed the toy and ran off.  Kiz looked at me and sighed. 

They are not allowed on my leather furniture.  Kizzie lies on Brian, careful to have every part of her on him and not the chair.  Murphy doesn't understand not allowed.

Today I have to stay in until either the courier delivers the package or Brian comes in.  So no walk yet.  Kizzie went and sat in the utility room and waited.  She looked at me, she looked at my scruffy shoes and sighed.  I washed the floor.  She nudged me and went back to her position.  I hope this package comes soon

Saturday, 2 January 2016

January 2016 part 2

Kizzie is all grown up.  Murphy is as grown up as he will ever be, which isn't very.  My gorgeous, handsome, big lump of fluffy adorable boy still thinks he is a puppy. 

Murphy is rarely without something in his mouth.  He loves his ball and even throws his own and runs after it.  He loves squeaky toys.  He loves soft toys.  Murphy loves everyone.  (He doesn't like dogs except for Kizzie, he loves her).  Murphy also loves food and has been known to steal.  We always know it was him because he leaves whatever toy he had behind as evidence.  And he has this satisfied smile on his face.  And he smells of whatever he stole. 

Everyday is an adventure for Murph, he goes out for his walk, dancing and squeaking with excitement, anyone would think it is his first ever trip out.  His tail is a lethal weapon, going round and round like a helicopter blade when he is excited, or just swishing from side to side the rest of the time.  He likes to sit on people.  35 kilo of hairy gorgeousness on your lap is a bit of a test, but he is so lovely that most people just smile. 

Murphy doesn't roll in mud.  He doesn't roll in dead stuff either.  This is a good thing because Murphy doesn't agree with baths.  As soon as he see the towels coming out, he slopes off and hides.  It takes a huge amount of deviousness and cunning to get him near the bathroom.  Then he plants himself.  Trying to heave 35 kilos of unwilling dog into a bath is a job for superman.  Murphy doesn't mind rain so most of his baths involve Brian taking Murphy for a walk in the rain.  The wet dog smell subsides after a while..

Happy fifth adoption day Murphy

January 2015

Kizzie is all grown up.

Some habits die hard, she still likes to help to load the dishwasher

She still loves her blankie.

The training has gone really well.  Kizzie's communication skills have grown from strength to strength.  Even new visitors are taught stuff.  She first greats people appropriately (in her opinion) then shows them where the treats are kept.  She will then sit by the treats and wait patiently for one.  If the visitor doesn't understand, she nudges them, walks back to the treats and sits.  Then she looks at the visitor, looks at the treats.  If this doesn't work she does it again until the lesson is learned.  It has never failed.  (if you are wondering, Murphy simply waits to one side until the lesson is learned, then he steps forward for his treat)

I have been taught when it is time to get up. Kizzie jumps on the bed, lays next to me,  wraps her paws around my neck and snuggles.  She pushes her head into mine and says numnumnumnum. The she holds me still and washes my face.  (Murphy lays on my legs helping and washes my hands.)  I eventually am allowed to sit up, drink my tea and read email on my ipad.  They go off to watch for the postman and stuff.  The moment I close the cover on the ipad, Kizzie comes running, and the numnumnumnum, cuddles and face washing repeats.  She snuggles and cuddles and it is really really hard to find the will to get out of bed. 

The first thing we do every day is go for our walk.  We have several routes and I sometimes get to chose which way we go.  We meet people (sometimes she ignores everyone, and sometimes she lets people stroke her), we meet dogs (if she feels like it she has a run around and a play, if not, then she walks straight past).  Kizzie ignores cycles, joggers and is so well behaved I could bust with pride.  Sometimes she sees a cat.  I honestly don't mind the view from the inside of a bush.  She likes to lull me into a false sense of security, I walk along thinking how grown up and beautifully behaved Kiz is, then she finds a dead hedgehog.  I can cope with the mud, I can wash off bit of stinky dead hedgehog but I really really don't like fleas. 

Back from the walk, Kizzie snoozes whilst I tidy up. 

Sometimes she even sleeps in her bed. 

It has been a wonderful six years

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Too canny for me

  Today Kizzie was walking along so nicely.  She picked something up and I told her to drop it.  It was a piece of woody material - someone had been trimming their hedge.  I gave her a treat for being a good girl.  *Three paces on, she picked up another bit, looked at me, spat it out and nudged my hand.  I gave her a treat.*  Repeat from * to *.   I ran out of treats before the road ran out of twigs ;)

Sunday, 5 January 2014


 It was a lovely sunny day and me and Kizzie Whizz were out for a lovely long walk.  We came to a secluded path and I took the lead off so that Kiz could have a rummage and a sniff.  There is a lengthy ditch where Kizzie once found a packet of rich tea biscuits so she always has a lovely rummage in there.  I walked on.

After a short while I realised that she wasn't following me.  I called.  No sign.  I walked back and looked up and down the ditch.  No sign. I called.  I heard a rustling noise and she came running out of the bushes.

At first I thought she had a dead pigeon.  I hate taking those off her as they often disintegrate but as she came nearer my heart almost stopped.  There were fluffy brown ears sticking out of her mouth, no! not a baby rabbit.

I didn't dare try to take it off her, we were too close to the road and I knew she would run rather than hand over her treasure.  So I calmly turned and walked down the path.  She followed.  Then overtook me.  She was prancing along with her tail in the air as happy as can be.  The ears were jiggling up and down as she walked.  As I caught up I could see more and it became clear that they were not real rabbit ears.Phew, you can't know how happy O was/

Kizzie walked straight home, no sniffing or trying to get into other people's back gardens, she carried her treasure all the way.  It was only when we got home that I got her to show me what she had. 

The head has a ball inside, and has clearly been loved off it's body.  Some poor dog has lost his much loved and much chewed best friend.  I will take it back tomorrow and try to leave it where Kizzie stole it from.